Jan 5, 2009


This is the family dog, Teddy.

This is what happens when Ted is in the car and the windshield wipers are on.........


Sweet cuddly puppy, or ferocious killing machine?

You decide!


Roo'sMama said...

that is hysterical! our dog does the same thing to the sprinklers in the yard when they turn on! lol!

Megan Bailey said...

Haha I love it!! Thanks by the way your family called me to tutor. Thanks for spreading my name! When's the next bunko event?

Taylor K said...

Good! I am glad they called. Some of that biology stuff is WAY over my head. I'm more of an english lit/history girl!

Taylor K said...

He does it when they run the vaccum too! It's so funny. He thinks he is so tough. :) BTW, your dog is ADORABLE!

Taylor K said...

ps....I think Bunko is dead. :(

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