Feb 23, 2009

Taylor's Beauty Rituals

Corie had the idea for everyone to post their fave beauty tricks/secrets.  
So, here are mine! Keep it going bloggers! 

#1  My eyebrows are the thing on my face that I take the MOST time with.  I am really picky about the way they're shaped and have a really hard time finding a waxer who I like and trust.  Because of that, I've been using nair for your face for YEARS now!  The last good waxer I had was in Flagstaff, so it's been more than 2 years since my last eyebrow wax.  I break a qtip in half and use the non-cotton part to slowly and carefully apply the face nair!  It smells awful but gives me the perfect arch.  I also use Anastacia brow powder.  It's super light for my see through brows and fair skin.  

#2  I'm a Mary Kay girl!  When I first started wearing make up in 7th grade my grandma took me for a consult and I've been using their products in one way or another ever since. I love how mild their cleansers and moisturizers are.  Their eye make up remover can't be beat.

#3 I've been using Jergens body lotion forever.  I love the clean smell. 

#4 When applying anything around my eyes I only use my ring finger. It's the weakest finger on your hand, so there's less pulling and tugging on your skin. 

#5  I, like Corie, only put my make up on in natural light.  When I do it in artificial light I look SO chalky.  I spread a big towel on my bed every morning and face my bedroom window to apply the goods.  

#6  I wear sunscreen on my face and chest EVERY day.  I am so fair and freckle easily AND my cousin died this summer of melanoma...so skin cancer prevention is a huge priority. 

#7  I shave using conditioner instead of shaving cream. It leaves your skin really soft! 

#8  I love RevitaLash!  It is very expensive but lasts forever and really makes your lashes grow!  Mine are almost touching my eyebrow now.  It's crazy. 

#9  I've been using Revlon Raven Red on my toes for as long as I can remember. It's a great deep red color and if it is every discontinued I will cry.  

#10  I sleep on satin pillowcases every night.  I still have all of the pillowcases my great grandma made me.  :)  She embroidered by initial on all of them.  They say they prevent face wrinkles!  The botox also helps.  ;)  

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