Mar 4, 2009


So, I've known for a long time that I am crazy but have dealt well with my issues and have come to embrace most of my idiosyncrasies as character traits that are endearing instead of annoying. Then came DEATH. I have had a really big number of people I know die in the last year and after learning about THREE MORE this weekend it finally happened. I had a freak out anxiety attack at work. Thank GAWD I'm out of the cube and in a big girl office and thank GAWD for google messenger so that Julie could talk me down from my psychotic break via the gmail chat option with my office door closed. :) Julie is the best therapist ever. Her sessions usually involve lots of wine and popcorn and I highly recommend them. Anyway, I found a therapist to help me deal with some anxiety issues (amongst other things) I'm having and made an appointment. I then called my insurance company to find out what kind of mental health coverage I have.

***The point of this story is coming soon, I promise********

So I'm on the phone with the insurance helper man and am waiting to find out about my coverage. While on the phone (he was waiting for his screen to load to tell me what is covered) he says, "I don't want you...why are you here?" He was obviously referencing something bad that came up on the computer but I was like, "HEY BUDDY! Maybe you could choose another phrase when talking to the nut jobs calling about therapy coverage!!!!!!"

He assured me he was referencing his computer but it CRACKED me up. I was laughing hysterically for the rest of the conversation (which I'm sure made me look even crazier than usual). So, thanks HUMANA man for making me laugh after a bad day. :)

If you don't hear from me for awhile it means I've been put away and am wearing a nice white jacket with straps in a padded cell.

I hope they give me good drugs in there.


Roo'sMama said...

may I suggest a breakfast of frozen nutty bar, zoloft, and a Diet Coke?! my recipe for success! lol!

hang in there, and remember the power of PRAYER is stronger than anything :)

spencer said...

hang in there, and remember the power of CREPES is stronger than anything

and soon to be more convenient than ever when you come visit our sweet new house


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