Oct 9, 2009

Go Merc!

Two weeks ago, Nathan and I went to a Phoenix Mercury game.
It was our first time to a WNBA game and, contrary to popular belief, it was really fun!
The Phoenix Mercury are playing the last game of the FINAL SERIES tonight! You should watch them dominate the court.
Here are some highlights from our game.

we saw Charles Barkley

I had two very nice seat-neighbors...

we drank beer.

we ate nachos.
double yum.

I saw one of the best mullets I've ever seen in my life.

matching sports bras are very popular at Merc games...

we saw a child in a diabetic coma
(fun times)

did I mention that our seats were AWESOME and that we won

thanks NATHAN!

p.s. pretty sure I came up with the best chant EVER for the Phoenix Mercury:
Let me know what you think....
"Stars are just SHINY! Mercury is DEADLY when ingested and MAY cause SKIN IRRITATION when TOUCHED!!!!!!"


Julie Kiefer said...

Best Chant ever!! :)

Organic Meatbag said...

Barkley!! He loves to receive oral sex...that much I have heard from his police surveillance tapes...hahaha

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