Jun 1, 2010


get it?
long weekend?

I hope your memorial day weekend was fantastic.
I spent my mine in Long Beach.
It was heavenly.
The weather could NOT have been more perfect.
Just the right combination of warmth, humidity, fresh breeze,
fresh food, crisp wine, popsicles and good movies.

I have photos to share from my new CAMERA,
but I haven't installed the CD thing so that I can upload them.

A project for tonight, I guess.

I hope you're having a lovely day-after-memorial-day....


Cameron said...

Yes, wasn't the weather down here lovely this weekend?!....so, it's 10:00am now, where's the sun today...haha!

Glad you had a fabulous weekend, can't wait to see the photos :o)

Summer said...

Isn't every weekend for you long? I thought you had a special work schedule... I am itchin for the summer to hit full force, complete with sparklers, popsicles and my hubby home all day everyday.. how goes your doula love? I am excited to hear more of your stories.

Summer said...

Also... that is the same camera we have, you will LOVE IT!! and the HD video mode is AWESOME!!

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