Oct 7, 2010

they do

I went to a wedding this weekend. It was such a nice wedding. 

I was the day of helper/coordinator. I used to want to be an event planner, like my mom. I even began my college career as a Hotel/Restaurant Management major. After Saturday's wedding I am glad that I made the choice NOT to be an event planner. Being a doula is way better, for me.

The couple is amazing (I am a friend of their family) and everyone had such a great time. By the end of the night, I felt like the flower girl pictured above. Just. Plain. Wiped. I envied her bed on the floor of the 'getting ready room.' I wanted to snuggle down under garment bags too! Alas, I survived. And I only cried once. I just love a good wedding cry.


Completely unrelated: There are men of the roof cleaning our office solar panels. They are making loud noises. I am pretending it's a thunderstorm.


Cameron said...

I barely saw her under all that stufff...lol! Poor little thing :)

...and ya....thunderstorms are way cooler than guys tromping around in the ceiling :)

Phoenix said...

Weddings are indeed exhausting. You need the calm and cool of a hostage negotiator, if you ask me. (I photographed weddings for a while. Even THAT is exhausting.)

I like pretending things are thunderstorms. But I like real thunderstorms even more...sigh.

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