Dec 21, 2010

My Mom Believes


{me and mom. notice my patty-cake hands.}

Today is the FIRST day of the second annual I Believe posts. 

Are you so excited? 

I am. 

Today's post comes from my mom. She is coming to Phoenix today and I am so looking forward to her week-long stay. 

Here is her list;

I believe in the transformational power of being still. 

I believe in champagne.
{I know I said this last year, but I really do believe in those bubbles} 

I believe that actions speak louder than words. 

I believe that to have a friend you have to be a friend. 

I believe in hand written notes and sending them through the US mail. 

I believe that someone somewhere knows the whereabouts of my missing gym bag (since 1992-h e l l o)
{note from Taylor- she still blames me for losing it. I swear I never saw the damn thing}

I believe that all people really need is love, but that sadly some people just can't accept it. 
I believe that please and thank you are NOT the magic words but that the really magic words are the ones that encourage and support. Like, "I know you'll make the right choice," and "I'm SO effing proud of you," and "I'll sleep with the phone next to my bed if you need me at three in the morning," and, "I love you," and, "that sucks hard," and, "I am so happy to see you,"....oh wait..... those are more like magic sentences.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. 

I believe that honesty is the best policy. 

I believe in puffy hair. 

I believe in using too much Downey in the laundry. 

I believe in pockets because they help you when you are nervous, keep your hands warm when you are cold, are OH SO CUTE and sometimes they produce surprise money. 

{There is still time to send me your I Believe list! 
Ltkalander at GMAIL dot COM}


Jefe said...

I believe in Sandy Bauer. I believe.

Neyleen said...

I LOVE my pretend mommy!

Molly and Patrick Devinger said...

Your mom is amazing and so is that adorable picture of the two of you!

Anonymous said...

YAY! for pockets!!!!!

Phoenix said...

"I believe in the transformational power of being still."

Oh my God. YES. (Still working on it!)

Happy holidays to both of you!!

Bridge said...

Oh man, I love the "magic sentences" part. Tell Sandy that is my "favorite thing" as I learned she loves to hear about those :)

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