Feb 19, 2010

Tell Me Why

Why do people say commentator instead of commenter. 

Why do people say historical instead of just historic? 

I think we should eliminate unnecessary syllables from the English language. 

And the French language, for that matter (why not?). 

But not from the Spanish language, because when there are extra Spanish syllables it makes the word more fun and exotic sounding. 

**photo courtesy www.weheartit.com


Alicia said...

lol...so true! you add an extra o or a to a word and it just so much moreo exotico...

Phoenix said...

While we're on the subject...why is abbreviation such a long word??

;) ::hugs::

Shanley said...

THIS made me smile. Also, I have spelled Laser wrong my entire life...with a z. Yep. And I actually get paid to write...

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