Aug 5, 2010

the bachelorette

I know. I'm late jumping on the bachelorette final episode train, but here we go anyway. 

Toot toot! <-----that is my train whistle. 

I went to Nathan and Michael's to watch the season finale. Michael and I always text before/during/after the bach episodes, so we thought we should probably watch the finale together. Good thinking, right? 

I made a very yummy dinner. The boys are doing South Beach, so I brought a rotisserie chicken and topped it with dried cranberry, a dollop of goat cheese and some pine nuts. Then I made THIS vegetable recipe. I did not serve it raw, I sauteed it in olive oil and added mushrooms and onions. It was delicious. 

Then we drank lots and lots of wine. Don't tell the South Beach people. Nathan and Michael could get in trouble.

Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy. 

Winston T. Pug {Winston is on facebook AND he tweets. Smart pug, right?} was very distraught over who Ali was going to choose, as you can see.
Roberto or Chris, Roberto or Chris?!?!?
Nathan and Michael imitating Ali's silly laugh. 
This guy on the commercial must have been REALLY mad that Ali chose Roberto.
And this lady was being very judgmental about Ali's choices throughout the season, as you can see from these photos. Rude. 

That is all. 

Have a great day! 

<3 ya, mean it. 

p.s. Frank, you should have come on the after show you big BABY!

Here are my twitter thoughts from Monday night while we were watching the show: 

Taylor (that's me) Said:

Dear Chris, come find me. I will be your soul mate. Ok? #bachelorette

'I was ready to cement our feelings.' is that what the kids are calling it these days? #bachelorette

Frank is lame!!!!! #bachelorette

They are NOT playing 'can you feel the love tonight' are they? #thebachelor

'I have never done so much thinking in my life.' -Roberto. R, that's very obvious. #bachelorette

The party boat has GOT to go. #bachelorette

'he should have polished those shoes. is he wearing black with a navy tie?Questionable. his jacket is way too small.' -@ntinaz

Roberto needs some hair product. #bachelorette

'the ring represents a lot of stuff.' sage words, ring man. #dumbass #bachelorette   

'i love getting on machines that go really fast.' -Ali. Yeah you do. #bachelorette    

Dear Ali's dad, orientated is not a word. #bachelorette 


Sandy B. said...

i like your pug friend. and thank you for notificating ali's dad about the word orientate. irregardless if he listens. ps where do michael and nathan live at?

Janet said...

I'm stopping by to visit bloggers who commented on Fletch's posts. :-) I love this Bachelorette "recap." I about died when she said the thing about loving machines that go really fast!

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