Aug 11, 2010

just me?

Do you ever go from happy to depressed in 2.2 seconds? And then go into a deep dark pit of despair and almost start crying because you feel like no one likes you and your friends & family aren't being supportive and why don't I EVER have any money and why did that mystery liquid spill in my FREEZER and no one is ever going to marry me and my future hypothetical children prolly {prolly is a word in the Land of Tay} won't even like me and....................

......then....... realize that it's 1:34 and you haven't eaten anything all day?

And then your cube neighbor brings you a carnitas burrito from Panchero's {have you been there? they make your tortilla right in front of you. It's amazeballsdeliciosa. Also, they have a thingy that they mix all of the burrito ingredients with so that everything is distributed evenly making every bite the perfect bite} and all is right with the world even though you're pretty sure you ate some of the burrito wrapping paper because you were so GOSHDARNHUNGRY?!?!? 

Yeah, me too. 


Whoa, sorry about the run on sentences. 

Amazeballsdeliciosa is being added to the Land of Tay dictionary today. Make a note.

p.s. my birthday was amazing. blog post to come.


Summer said...

This has happened to me, and also I noticed that the kids are really obnoxious and loud if I do not drink coffee before breakfast.

Alicia said...

ohhhhh yes lady...i'm right there with you...and that burrito looks friggin amazing!! i need one. pronto. and i love the new word!! its faboosh!

Cameron said...

I luvva good carnitas burrito! Makin' up words rocks...and so do you!

Phoenix said...

Food makes a lot of things better. And I know for me, that it always makes me feel loved. Here's hoping you felt a little more love after that Amazing Scrumptious Looking Burrito of Awesome (that phrase comes from the land of Tracy.) ;)

SM said...

that burrito is just like this place i used to go to in Denver and Boulder called Pete's! mmmmmm... you're making me hungry :)

east side bride said...


i generally think the world is over when my blood sugar gets too low.

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