Jan 7, 2011

I Believe

Today's list is from me. 

I believe there is no better free form of relaxation than laying on a raft in a pool in the summer. 

I believe in wearing a lot of sunscreen. 

I believe in reading every night before bed. Even if it's just a paragraph.

I believe in carrying your passport with you at all times. You never know when the love of your life is going to come up to you and say, 'Hello, I know we've just met, but would you like to go to Paris with me this afternoon?' You must be prepared for that type of occurrence. 

I believe in champagne. 

I believe watching your best friends become mothers is one of the greatest things I've ever been witness to.  

I believe in marriage equality and that if two consenting adults want to be married (regardless of gender, race, religion), they should be allowed. 

I believe it is our duty as humans to help, in some way, people who are not being treated fairly. 

I believe that there will never be a better way for me to relax than to swim laps.

I believe I was a mermaid in a past life. 

I believe in reading the newspaper.

I believe it is ok to try and fail. 

I believe in buying/shopping/eating locally. 

I believe in volunteerism and that people who volunteer regularly are happier and more content with their lives. 

I believe in closing your eyes when you take a bite of creme brulee. 

I believe in creme brulee. And macaroni and cheese.

I believe that organized religion, sadly, is the root of most of the problems our world faces.

I believe in peace and diplomacy. Always. 

I believe it is possible to forgive people and to not ever speak to them again. 

I believe this is one of my favorite quotes: "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."

I believe that becoming a doula and being present on the BEST day of people's lives has profoundly changed the way I view the world. I see more beauty and hope now because of those little babies.  

I believe I feel best in a dress.

I believe in divorce.

I believe in super soft mattresses, featherbeds, lots of blankets and a ridiculous number of pillows. 

I believe in Katharine Hepburn. 

I believe in Jeopardy and Crosswords.

I believe in feminism. Not the type that is most commonly associated with the word, but the type that acknowledges and recognizes the feminine role to be as important and vital as the masculine role; in our homes, our relationships and our world. It is a necessary balance. 

I believe in defying traditional gender roles.

I believe that traveling internationally is the best way to change your perspective for the better.

I believe in my family. 

I believe in learning from the mistakes made by others in your family. I believe it is possible not to repeat them and to make your life better because of them. 

I believe in snow cones.  

Thank you all SO much for participating and reading. It has been a pleasure to host this series again. I look forward to next year. 

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Neyleen said...

Wow I love it Tay. So many of those are brilliant and would make the world a better place if only others believed.

Sandy B. said...

i believe that if i could bottle you and sell you i would be a gazillionaire. and the world would be fixed. you have the most amazing gift of articulating your amazing perspective. and you have the most beautiful soul, perhaps in the entire universe. i'd like to take some credit for these things but i sincerely believe that you came to me with all of these characteristics firmly intact. my proof is the look on your face when you emerged from my loins. wisdom and confidence. and some major baby cute. but mostly the look that "you know". and you do. and i am madly in love with you. ok i'm done now.

Taylor K said...

Thanks mom. I love you too. I can't believe you used the phrase, 'emerged from my loins.' yikes!

Sandy B. said...

i can't believe i did either.

Bridge said...

amazing list! <3

stephANIE {NE} said...

your list kicked my list's ass! so proud to know you.

Phoenix said...

I love almost all of these. Feminism, sunscreen, reading before going to bed, lazing about on a raft in the pool...

You've got such great taste in life, if that makes any sense. I admire you so much (and not just because I end up agreeing with you a lot!)

Pat said...

I believe in YOU!!!! you make life worth living! Bee

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