Jan 3, 2011

Summer Believes

Today's list is from Summer, who I know from high school
She was a senior when I was a freshman and I was friends with her little sister, Winter. 

She used to drive us around in her convertible cabriolet {am I right on the car make?} and I used to feel so cool being driven around by a senior. :) 

Know she has four adorable children and a very crafty fun blog. 


I believe a day begun with bacon and/or coffee is a better day

I believe taking out the trash is a man's job.

I believe something you made yourself is better than something else, unless that something else was made by someone who loves you.

I believe everyone has a gift to give, and when you are able to see the value of everyone's gift you love a little more deeply.

I believe my husband is my better half, but sometimes that's not saying much, and sometimes it's more than he deserves, but usually it's exactly right, and that's why we make a good pair.

I believe I never understood how God loved me until I held my own child.

I believe in watching cartoons on Saturday morning in bed.

I believe children can do more than you think, perceive more than you'd like, and forgive more than you deserve.

I believe laughter, chocolate, wine, and a good cry are better with a friend.

I believe in having a house where the inside doors don't lock.. but sometimes I wish I didn't.

I believe "What do you think?" Is the best way to answer a question you don't want to answer.

I believe in taking too many photos and then not deleting any of them.

I believe words are powerful and sometimes I am careless with them.

I believe in do-it-yourself. Conversely I believe in asking for help, and it has taken YEARS to come to this conclusion.

I believe children should dress for church, sit reverently during service, and smile at the elderly, but that doesn't make it happen,

I believe sometimes it's okay to bribe kids under 3, I mean 4 okay.. seven is definitely the cut off.

I believe you should kiss before you leave and say I love you because you just never know.

I believe the days can be long, but the years fly by.

I believe a thing worth doing is worth doing well, as long as your doing, if I'm doing it i will determine what degree of "well" is acceptable given the time and energy constraints I'm currently under.

I believe the best time of my life is everyday, if I want it to be.

THANK YOU for playing Summer! Your words and crafts inspire me and I can't wait to see what you have in store for the new year. 

{best kid family photo ever}


Sandy B. said...

i believe that summer has the cutest family on the planet. love that your husband is your better half, balance is good for children. thanks for driving safely in that convertible with my freshman child in the back of your car. taylor and winter had some really fun times! and YO YO to the things that are better when shared with a friend.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Shout out to Winter!!!... I also truly enjoyed being driven around except when it rained and the roof leaked. I miss both of you...please stop by and pick me up sometime soon. Those kids are really cute, I feel it runs in the family..tehe. xo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Umm..trash was always my job when growing up.. I wish Dad&Mom would have known it was a man job....?

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