Sep 17, 2009

My weekend

Last weekend I....

- Dropped off a gift certificate for LisaG at Twestival and stayed for a drink
- Had blood drawn inside of a grocery store for a food allergy test with Amber. I've been getting itchy lately. It was funny having my blood drawn in the middle of the protien bar aisle, but hey, it was way less expensive than going to the doctor
-Went antique shopping and had lunch with my Aunt. I found some GREAT old postcards for the candles we're making for BlissFest. Can't wait to scan them so that I can show you
- Went to a cocktail party with Nathan and Julie where we drank delicious drinks and ate bacon.
- Took a long nap on Sunday afternoon
- Went to dinner at Ticoz with roomie. Delicious, as usual.


Red Boots said...

You know how to do weekends - they always sound ace! Though I don't know about the allergy testing...! x

Amber Williams said...

That allergy testing in the middle of the store was weird... I hope we get our results soon!

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