Sep 8, 2010

weekend highlights from my iPhone

And I use the work highlights very loosely. 

{also, I have NO idea why the photos are spacing out so strangely. Just keep scrolling. You'll find them.}

#1- I bought a dyson. I am madly in love with her. She is as cool as that tall British man says it is. I named her Devorah, as in Devo, as in she will whip it into shape. It being your home.   

I found some kool aid while cleaning out my kitchen. WIN! 

I read the NYT in bed. One of my FAVORITE activities. 

I saw this lady, who wins the DRYEST elbows in Phoenix award.
Aren't you glad I take photos of these things? I am a stealthy 
photo snapper. She had no idea I was even there. I'm like a chameleon.  

I laughed at this silly tennis photo. Really NYT? You couldn't find a better photo from the US Open? He looks like he is auditioning (badly) for the Rockettes. I know a Rockette. Isn't that radical? 

I came to the conclusion that I am a book hoarder. Admitting the problem is the first step. I discovered this after going agro on my house. I vacuumed everything with Devo. I accidentally put a huge gash in my hardwood trying to move furniture on my own. Don't tell my dad, ok? 

I bought my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. It's just not the same when it is 110 outside; lucky for me, my office is arctic cold. I so enjoyed it. 

And I bought some pumpkin candy. Too soon? Probably. Don't tell my brother. He will probably disown me for celebrating a holiday before it is time. 

I'm asking you to keep a lot of family secrets today. Sorry about the added pressure. 


CAPow! said...

I take my pumpkin latte the same way. Delicious!

Red Boots said...

Ha ha, I love that Devo song! I'm going to sing it next time I get my dyson out!!


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