Jul 2, 2009

Help me paint!

I'm trying to choose a paint color for my bedroom and I need your help!
I narrowed it down to Grey and selected 5 lovely samplers from Glidden last weekend. Aren't these little paint things so cute?!?

Here are the color chips..........
(the pink is going in my bathroom...that I know for sure, so don't bother voting on that one)

(The T is in my bathroom, hence the missing T)
.......Please pardon the dripping on the letter O.
I paint with abandon.
Dad, if you're reading this, I'm sorry.
I did get paint on the carpet........
Pick a letter, ANY letter!
Should I do all of the walls the same color?
Should I do a dark grey accent wall,
then a light grey on the other walls?
Are accent walls done/over it/passe?
Do we still like them?
Why are there two different spelling for grey?
Why can't Meredith Gray just
settle down and be happy for once?
Who will replace Izzy as her bridesmaid
(I totally think she's dead)
if she DOES finally get married.

J'adore PINK bathrooms.

Taylor reflecting on l'tour eiffel.

My goal was to match the pink paint
color to the coral in this print....

Don't you L-O-V-E
the distressed white/grey
contrast here?!?!?!
I do.


Kathy said...

a and y on the wall behind your headboard. :)

Kathy said...

Nooooo I meant L on the one wall behind your headboard.

Annie said...

i would have to agree, whatever color is behind the headboard! it looks great!!

Mimi said...

I'm Corie's MOM, I like walls that are darker on the bottom and lighter on top!!! Check out my blog, and look a few back at a Bedroom Re-Do, and see what I did with a half wall different color!!! Just my opinion!!!
I like the darker gray and then the lighter on top!!! What room is it going to be????
If you like what I did I can explain how to do it, it was really easy!!!!
And I'm NO painter believe me!!!
here's my blogwww.queenmimicorner.blogspot.com
thanks for letting me peek in and give a tidbit of my opinion, but no one has to listen to it!!!hehe

Alicia said...

oohhh i like a! and i'm ok with accent walls!!

Corie said...

Hey Tay tay...I personally like having a dark wall and light walls. Although if you are going for one shade, I like the L or the A. I also love the pink bathroom...:)

Julie Kiefer said...

OK, I put a lot of thought into this because I have been looking forward to your grey/rustic white room transformation FOREVER. While I am partial to the name "dolphin grey" (yay tri delta) I like the "A" and the "L" best.

Sandy said...

...please tell me that you painted those letters on a scrap piece of wood and NOT RIGHT ON YOUR WALLS. we've discussed this missy.......

Taylor K said...

Thanks for the input guys! I will let you know how it turns out. Mimi, LOVE the room makeover! Your scalloped walls are too cute. Corie and Julie: I was totally partial to the dolphin grey (Yay TriDelts) but it turned out too purply. Mom, yes, of course they are painted on scrap pieces of paper and not directly on my wall. Duh. FYI, you're not allowed in my room when you come visit tomorrow. Eesh.

JuliAnna said...

My vote is for "a", "y", or "o." The others seems slightly green in tone? Anyhow - love the use of gray!!! It's my new favorite color for rooms:)

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