Jul 7, 2009

Mid Year Resolutions

The year is half-way OVER! Crazy.
That being said, I have a confession...........

Roomie and I have been SLACKERS lately.
We decided in May that we were
going to give ourselves a break
from responsibility and goals.
We decided that we wouldn't feel
for not swiffering,
going to the gym
or for watching bad reality TV
for hours on end.
It was a very nice break.
A MUCH needed break.
the break is now OVER.
We are now going to be goal oriented go-getters.
We even made lists
(I heart lists)
of what we're going to work on.
We're posting the lists in the condo along with star charts
(I also love star charts)
to keep us on track!

I've decided to share my mid year resolutions with you.
I think it will motivate me to stay on task!
#1 I'm going to swim once a week and do yoga once a week in the month of July. In August, I'll increase the number of times....we're starting out small. :)
#2 I'm going to put ALL of roomie's rent money into my savings account.
#3 I'm going to take one significant step per week to launch my non-profit web site.
#4 I'm going to bring my lunch to work 4 times/week.
#5 I'm going to write one letter per week.
#6 I'm going to draw one picture per week.
#7 I'm going to read two books per month.
#8 I'm going to give myself an at-home-pedicure once a week.
#9 I'm going to paint my room by the end of this month.
#10 I'm going to take more baths.
Roomie and I are both going to.........
#1 Keep up with our chores.
#2Take a day trip to a new fun place in Arizona once per month.
#3 Try a new restaurant once per month.
#4 Try Match or Eharmony in the month of September (stomach lurching now; we're both relationship spasmodic).
#5 Play Rose and Thorn every day.
#6 Stay motivated and in the present.
I will keep you updated on our progress!


Kathy said...

Those are some serious goals!! And MUCH different than mine.
Ü Good luck and I hope you receive a CRAP LOAD of *'s - GOLD ONES!!

Julie Kiefer said...

Yay for positive reinforcement. I will even help you paint your room. I am a really good taper :) xo

Ashley Pizarro said...

Go on girl! :) I also make lists of everything I want to get done and stay motivated to do! Have fun!

Alicia said...

i looooove lists! my world would cease to exist without them! and i met my hunky husband online...no joke!

Annie said...

great idea! love the list!
good luck with all your goals, you can do it! ;)

Chrissy said...

what a great list! i love, love, love goals, and these ones are wonderful. good luck accomplishing all of them!

Corie said...

This post made me laugh. I really need to get my new years resolutions on paper, so they ACTUALLY get done!:) You ROCK Tay and you make me smile while reading your blog!:) You are great!xo

spencer said...

Just so you know this totally inspired me to make a list of my own-it's been pretty awesome


Amber Williams said...

Our goals are right on the same page with one another! Keep me posted on your progress!

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