Jan 4, 2010

Kathy Believes

Today's list is from Kathy.
She is one of my in person friends,
 but she is kind of more of a blog friend?
She used to work at the company I work for
and we met at a mutual friend's birthday dinner.
She mentioned her blog, I'd just started mine, and
the blog/facebook love began!
Check out her family blog ESPECIALLY if you have little girls.
She does really cool stuff with their hair.

{Kathy, I couldn't get the photos you sent me to work, so I stole this one from your facebook :)}

I believe in team sports

I believe that children should say their prayers out loud.

I believe in speed limits…you need to drive AT LEAST that fast.

I believe in cheap sunglasses.

I believe red lights are for texting.

I believe Christmas cards and wedding invitations should have photos.

I believe a hot scotch (hot chocolate & butterscotch schnapps) is WAY better than soup on a cold day.

I believe in putting towels under car seats.

I believe limes are better than lemons in water.

I believe bicycles are for children and should only be ridden on side streets, or (even better) cul-de-sacs.

I believe in sisters.

I believe in bibs.

I believe in 99¢ stores.

I believe all little girls should wear bows.

I believe nobody’s perfect.

I believe everyone should own an apron.

I believe in family.

Thanks for playing my game!

This is the last week for *I believe* entries, so if you'd like to participate
email your list to me soon!

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Mary Grace said...

"I believe that red lights are for texting."

This was my favorite. I totally AGREE.

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