Jul 1, 2010

Errand Boy


I need an errand boy today. 

If you had an errand boy what would you have him do for you today? 

Mine would pick up baby shower invites, bring me a salad, fix my AC, pack my clothes for CA and paint my toes.

p.s. happy July? Where the f&*% did June go???


Anonymous said...

please add to list - bring coffee to winter. thanks!

Summer said...

we are on a little vacay.. so mostly I would have him make sure that the workmen who were supposed to finish the basement do, and then he can prime and paint the walls and woodwork, build the bookcases, tile the floor, lay the laminate and make me a cocktail. Winter.. why are you always out of coffee??

Corie said...

Ugh, I could use an errand boy. Only I would call him my chore boy. Laundry, Ironing, Cleaning....he would inherit it ALL!:)

nicole said...

you have great handwriting wow !!

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