May 19, 2010

random facts

While on our road trip, 
Carol Yanders Dougherty and I 
{Carol is my aunt. She is peeved
that she has never had a blog post
dedicated to her and says I only call 
her 'my aunt' instead of using her 
real name. So there.}
discussed {at length} some interesting topics. 

If we were homeless we would live in California because 
of the great weather. We would hang out in Emergency Room
waiting rooms at night because people wouldn't know if you were
a patient waiting to be seen or just a random homeless person
so you could hopefully get some sleep for a couple of hours
before security kicked you out for loitering. 
{fact- when I was a kid I thought signs that said 
were misspelled signs that were supposed to say

If we had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of our lives
we would choose Mexican food. 

If we had to choose one meal for the rest of our livese 
Carol Yanders Dougherty, my beloved aunt, 
would choose fried chicken and mashed potatoes. 
I would choose chicken d'van. 

If we escaped prison
{we were driving past the prison and listening to Johnny Cash
when this conversation arose}
we would first hop on a train to a big city 
so that we could establish new identities and get new 
drivers licenses
{we feel there are more resources for 
criminals looking to commit identity theft in big cities}
and stuff, then we would move to a small city
to spend the rest of our days. 
Like Flagstaff, for example. 

And if I ever had a mug shot taken
it would look like the one above
because that is me.

But it's not a real mug shot. 
Don't worry.


Summer said...

Taylor.. even in a mug shot you are so beautiful. I love your posts and humor!!

Anonymous said...

YOu crack me up !!! mexican food all the way. I hope you don't have to break out of prison ever but if so give me a call. luvs *winter

Alicia said...

TOTALLY mexican food!! i could live off of it for sure! and how cute do you look in the photo? i mean REALLY! and tell aunt carol yanders dougherty i say hello.

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