Feb 28, 2012

Four Generations

This weekend, my step mom asked me to take a four generations photo.

I happily said yes and spent the weekend thinking of my great grandmother. She was alive for my first twenty years. I feel so luck to have spent so much time with her.

I hope that Stella has the same great memories of her great grandmother!

Feb 21, 2012

Well, hello.

So I'm having a hard time deciding the direction of this little blog of mine.

I've been doing a little more photography on the weekends and I can't decide if this should become a blog that incorporates that, or if I should launch a photography website/blog? I struggle with the thought of starting a photography site because I just don't feel like my photos are there yet. I find myself reading this at least once a week but it still doesn't help the fact that when I put work out there, I want it to be perfect. But what is perfect?

What are your thoughts. Should this blog stay about me and my life, or should it become more official and business like? I hate the thought of that. I know there's a good way to incorporate the two. After all, the very title of this blog says that it will be ME in TOTAL.

While I figure out where Totally-Tay is going, here are some photos for you to enjoy from this weekend.

Because no matter what, there will always be room for cute kids on my blog.

Thanks for listening and for looking at my amateur photos.

Your feedback is always appreciated.

Feb 1, 2012