Oct 30, 2009

happy halloween!

Happy Early Halloween!

This is my brother (Spanky) and his girlfriend (Miss Chocolate) last year on Halloween. Miss Chocolate is tomorrow's Saturday someone, so keep your eye out!

this is the family dog (Ted, my dad's soul mate) dressed up last year as a pony. :)

Oct 28, 2009


Dear HOA,
Please notify your residents the next time
you add millions of little rocks to the landscaping.
This will give them the chance to close their
windows and patio doors
so that they don't come
home to mounds of dust on their hardwood floors.

Taylor K.

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Oct 27, 2009

Looking for a Halloween costume idea?

Look no further....

Thank you Lauren Ching for posting this on facebook. You are funny.

Oct 20, 2009

Homecoming Shirts

NAU Tri Deltas!

If you did not order a homecoming shirt, and would like to, please send me an email (ltkalander@gmail.com) with the size (S-XXL) you would like.
Shirts are $12.50.
You will not receive them before this weekend's Tequila Sunrise festivities, but they will be a fun reminder of the '09 homecoming weekend. 
The shirt man needs 12 shirts in order to place an order, so feel free to share this info with your sista friends! Hope to see you all in Flagstaff!

Shirt Reads:
Front- I May Be a Pansy (Delta Delta Delta)
Back- But I Drink Like a Lumberjack
Northern Arizona University
Tequilla Sunrise

There is a paypal button for shirt purchases in the upper left corner of the blog. I added $2.50 for shipping. You can either pay using paypal or send me a check.

Oct 16, 2009

To you, love me.

**disclaimer! this in no way reflects my father's and my relationship. :) he was very present. sometimes annoyingly so.
**I may, or may not, have been super hung over waiting for my food at Martanne's when I colored this. Hence, the nasty mood. :)

Oct 14, 2009

Taco Day

did you know that two Sundays ago it was
National Taco Day?
It was.
Thanks to CenPho for letting me know.
El Juez, La Esposa del Juez, y yo made delicious steak tacos.
Your tacos will taste better if you tie a tea towel around your head like an abuela en la cocina.

Oct 12, 2009

Music Monday

I saw this video a couple of weeks ago on Nina's blog and immediately loved it.
I bought the album this weekend and I'm not disappointed!


Have you ever been super irked by something at work but feel like you can't say anything because you don't want to seem like a big whiny baby?

Yeah, me too.

Oct 10, 2009

Saturday Someone

I'm ripping off Nie Nie's old 'Friday Faces'
idea so that you can get to know
 some of the people in my world.
My posts will be called 'Saturday Someone.'

My first Saturday Someone will be.....


This is Caitlan, my little sister.

Caitlan facts:
1) she is an esthetician/make up artist.
2) she loves pinkberry.
3) she is the only person on earth who I allow to snuggle me.
(I am not a snuggler. In fact, I'm trying to popularize what I like to call the 'solo snuggle.' This involves sitting/lying next to someone with SEPERATE blankets without touching. Super fun. Also known as reason #437 why I'm single.)
4) she has the nicest dog EVER (fee-fee).
5) Cait and Fee have matching hair.

6) she had a REALLY fun time on her 21st birthday
(this photo was taken on the London double decker party bus. Word to the wise, if you want your sister to remember her birthday party do not a) make 6 trays of jello shots b) allow her to do shots with all of the party guests as they gather at the house c) allow her to march up and down the aisle of the bus drinking straight from a vodka bottle chanting "I WAS BORN IN THE 80's!!!!" d) fill a pinata with mini bottles of booze.
just saying.)

7) she is a really good cupcake eater (bottom row).

8) she does really pretty make up
(this is cait and me. she was getting me ready for Alana's wedding.)

9) she has an enviable glam life
and is living her dream doing make up
for super cool famous people (and me).

10) sometimes I get jealous/missing her and want to pack ALL of my stuff and move home to Southern California so that we can play every day. That was more of a Taylor fact than a Caitlan fact.

Oct 9, 2009

Go Merc!

Two weeks ago, Nathan and I went to a Phoenix Mercury game.
It was our first time to a WNBA game and, contrary to popular belief, it was really fun!
The Phoenix Mercury are playing the last game of the FINAL SERIES tonight! You should watch them dominate the court.
Here are some highlights from our game.

we saw Charles Barkley

I had two very nice seat-neighbors...

we drank beer.

we ate nachos.
double yum.

I saw one of the best mullets I've ever seen in my life.

matching sports bras are very popular at Merc games...

we saw a child in a diabetic coma
(fun times)

did I mention that our seats were AWESOME and that we won

thanks NATHAN!

p.s. pretty sure I came up with the best chant EVER for the Phoenix Mercury:
Let me know what you think....
"Stars are just SHINY! Mercury is DEADLY when ingested and MAY cause SKIN IRRITATION when TOUCHED!!!!!!"

Oct 8, 2009

Music Monday- On Thursday Night

I was driving to work this morning when the radio DJ shared that Prince wrote Sinead's Nothing Compares AND The Bangles' Manic Monday?!?! I had no idea he was so talented.

Then I realized I didn't post ANYTHING for Music Monday!

THEN I started thinking about my favorite Prince songs.

This is definitely in the top three.

I loved this video when I was 10. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV, but my babysitter, Kelly Goldsmith, used to let me when she came over on Wednesdays so that my mom could attend her Children's Home Society meetings.

She also let me watch 90210. SCORE!

Sometimes I wonder how we go from kissing the random ballerina in lingerie to singing with school children. Then I say to myself, 'Tay, this is Prince. Trying to understand his videos is like trying to understand astro physics. It is not going to happen.'


D to the I to the A to the eMmmm. O to the N to the D to the Pearls to Love.

I love this line of thinking.

p.s. watch for Prince's sweet bounce-off-the-couch-into-the-splits move around 2:53.
p.p.s I've not blasted Diamonds and Pearls at least 7 times.
My neighbors love me.

Dear Bravo,

When you frame the TV Shows that I live for with text messages/instant messages/commentary on the show it INFURIATES me.
I can't focus.
I have to rewind, constantly.
Please stop.
I'm begging you.
Taylor K.
PS...I love Chloe. She is so cute.
PSS...I am still madly in love with the madness that is Jeff Lewis.

Oct 7, 2009

Out and About

Some photos I snapped driving.
Just thought I would share.