Jul 30, 2010


I was going to write a post about a delicious pasta creation I made last night, but I forgot to bring my camera to work to upload the photos. I photo-documented my process and everything! I uploaded the photos on my macbook, but I am having photo issues with my macbook. Maybe you can help me? 

When I upload from my macbook to flickr I can't get the 'large size' when I am posting photos from flickr to the bl-izz-og. When I upload from my work PC, everything is fine and every flickr size option is available. Weird, no? 

Anyway, I will have to share the recipe this weekend. Here is a photo of the groceries I purchased to make the dish. Enjoy. 


Now for the real topic of the day: Psychics. 
CJane is talking about fortunes today, and as we know I like to blog about the same topics as CJane

Have you been to a psychic? How seriously did you take the psychic? Were they accurate or full of bologna?
{when you type or write bologna, do you say BULL-AUG-NAH? I do. Did you know that in parts of Pennsylvania bologna is called Jumbo?!? I just learned that on wiki. I will heretoforth refer to bologna as Jumbo} 

I have been to psychics. They have been interesting but inconsistent, as I'm sure is the case with most psychics. There used to be a restaurant in Phoenix called LisaG. I used to help her with social media in exchange for wine and meatballs {but not bologna}. She hosted 'psychic and pizza night' every Wednesday with Psychic Joe. The first time I had a reading from Joe {probably three years ago?} he told me that he saw me going into the medical field. I thought he was completely crazy! I worked in commercial real estate/property management and planned on going to law school. Medical? Nofreakingway. My dad was a paramedic and my step mom was a nurse. I knew what the life entailed and knew that I did NOT want that life! He asked if perhaps my company might be purchasing a medical office building or a hospital or surgical center? I told him there was no way. My company purchased trailer parks and RV parks along the Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast {why were we based in Arizona, you might ask? I have no idea. It was one of the many things that made no sense in that company.} and that there was not even a small chance we would purchase a medical office building. Weird, right? I thought Joe might me a little off. But guess what? Now I am a doula and am taking prerequisites for nurse midwife school.


Here is Psychic Joe's website. Give him a call. He might tell you about a new career you'll pursue in three years. Or, he might tell you that everything is fine and that nothing bad or traumatic is going to happen to you in the next 9 to 12 months only to have your entire house flood the next day, forcing you to live with your in laws for three months while your house is gutted. That happened to bff Julie. She was not very happy with Psychic Joe. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.

Jul 29, 2010

random thoughts from tay

Do you say to yourself, 'Wed-Nes-Day' every time you type or write Wednesday? I do. I saw that there is a facebook group for people who do that. I did not join it. 

Sometimes, when I am in my arctic cold {I'm not complaining, I love it.} office, I like to put on my sweater, drink hot chocolate and pretend that my coworkers are penguins. 
{don't tell them}

What kind-of-a noise does a penguin make?

Did you read Mr. Popper's Penguins when you were in elementary school? We did. We had a 'Penguin Pal' (5th graders) who read the book to us (2nd graders). My elementary school principal kind of walked like a penguin, but much slower. He had swagger. 


What if I put ice water in the cup? Then the contents will not be hot and you will be a liar. What then, cup? 


I got a new 'copy' stamp today. I have been practicing with it for when I need to make a copy of something. 


Speaking of stamps, while in line at Michael's Arts and Crafts the other day I saw this stamp in the $1 bin. 

I thought to myself, 'OMG! An Australian drinking/sports chant stamp! UHmazeballs.' But then, when I got it home. I realized that it is not an Australian drinking/sports chant stamp, but is.............

a Christmas Santa stamp. I decided not to return the stamp, seeing as it only cost $1.


I have new neighbors. I haven't actually met them, but I have made the following observations;

1) They love fighting and yelling and they don't care what time it is when they fight and yell. 
2) When they fight, he loves locking her out of the house with no phone or purse. 
3) She is really good at banging on the door. She has a way of making it sound like she is banging on your door when really she is downstairs and over one unit. 
4) She does not like his mother very much. 
5) He does not like it when she is, 'disrespecting {his} MOTHERRRRRRRR!!!!' 
6) She is really good at giving dirty looks while being questioned by the police {lady, I was just trying to get to work}.

Yes, the police were called to my condo building at 7:15 this morning. It's a classy joint. I'm so glad I purchased a HOME {you know, that thing where you live peacefully and is the biggest investment of your life?} there.


Yesterday I felt like Liz Lemon and today I feel like Tracy Flick.


If all of my blog friends, facebook friends and twitter friends sent me $1 per week I would not need to work anymore.


Sikhs carry a comb and small sword with them at all times. I wonder if they are allowed to share? Like, if I were having a really bad hair day and I didn't have a comb if I could borrow theirs? 


That is all. Love ya, mean it.

Jul 27, 2010


May I please tell you how much I HATE the show What Would You Do? 

Of course I can. It's my blog. 

I HATE the show What Would You Do. 

Reason 1- When they advertise the show I think they're talking about the Nickelodeon What Would You Do and I get all excited thinking it's back on the air. Now that, was a good show. I miss seeing Marc Summers and his trusty sidekick, Robin, on a daily basis. We need more Double Dare and WWYD on television. 

Reason 2- I think it's a really messed up concept that unnecessarily puts people into unrealistic and stressful situations. 

That is all.

Jul 26, 2010

Music Monday

have a panda-riffic day, ok?

Jul 22, 2010

happy birthday!

Dear boobs, 

Happy birthday! 

It has been 9 wonderful years. I love you very much and look forward to the fun times to come. Thanks for looking so natural (despite being made of saline) and for not giving me any trouble. 



**I swear I do not have a barbed wire tattoo. It's fake. I was at a 'famous couple' party and my date and I went as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. The other person in the photo was peanut butter. Her date was jelly. Cute, right?

Jul 20, 2010

I heart faces entry- Over My Head

This week's I Heart Faces Challenge is 'Over My Head.'

I took this photo from the backyard of the home where I have been dogsitting.

The weather has been teasing us with monsoons the last two weeks. In addition to some very humid weather (and some very grumpy Phoenicians) this pre-monsoon weather has brought some incredible clouds.

I think that my favorite part of the photo is the little bird that you can see on the neighbor's roof in the bottom right part of the photograph.

overmyhead1 - Copy

Jul 18, 2010

Music Monday

Hi blog and blog friends. 

I missed you, but I had a lovely blogcation. 

Here is my music Monday selection for this week...

Jul 12, 2010


Sorry for my absence. 

I'm taking a little blog-cation. 

See you next Monday! 

Jul 5, 2010

Music Monday

I didn't enjoy the CA sun this weekend.
I stayed in Phoenix. 
I tolerated the Phoenix sun (that's a nice way of saying it).
But I love this summer song. :}

Jul 4, 2010

'Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.' 
-Howard Zinn

*photo courtesy weheartit

Jul 2, 2010

how are you doing?


Guess what? 

2010 is half way over. 

It has been six months since we said Happy New Year to a new decade! 

Crazy, right? 

How are those resolutions going? 

Well? Great! 

Not so well? That's ok. 

Have a lovely Fourth of July weekend! 

See you Monday.

Jul 1, 2010

Errand Boy


I need an errand boy today. 

If you had an errand boy what would you have him do for you today? 

Mine would pick up baby shower invites, bring me a salad, fix my AC, pack my clothes for CA and paint my toes.

p.s. happy July? Where the f&*% did June go???