Nov 16, 2012

Holiday Photo Cards from

Oh, hello blog. Isn't it amazing how quickly the months start passing by? It seems like it was just my birthday and I said I would start blogging regularly...... and then....... life happens. More on the life happenings at a later time.

Right NOW, let's talk about the holidays.

I'm usually a strict NO CHRISTMAS stuff until December 1st, but doing holiday card photo shoots  have me eating candy canes and secretly listening to Christmas music on the radio.

Minted asked me to check out their holiday card line and I would love to show you my favorites.

On the left are photos of the great cards from Minted and on the right are photos from recent shoots that I think would look great with the cards. I'm really excited to see which cards my clients choose. I can't wait to start finding holiday cards in my mailbox!

I love their clean, crisp modern designs that make sure your photo is the star of the card.

Vist to choose your cards.

Send me one!

Choice One
Choice Two
Choice Three
Choice Four

{although I have ordered and loved's products on my own, this is a sponsored post. all opinions are mine. has graciously offered to exchange product for writing about their holiday card line.}

Oct 11, 2012

Happy National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming out day to all of my wonderful friends; those who show bravery by being their true selves in a world that is not always accepting & those who show integrity by accepting nothing less than equality and love for all.

Aug 22, 2012

Refreshing Beverage?

It has been HOT in Long Beach.

I feel ridiculous saying that having spent four years in Phoenix, but we have no air conditioning in my house. When the temperatures get over 85, we bake. Refreshing adult beverages are all we have to get us through August and the Strawberry Spritzer is bubbly, summery and delicious without being too sweet.

Carol made jam last week and had some delightful leftover strawberry juice/syrup. She says to make some of your own, put a pint of strawberries, a sprinkle of sugar and a half cup of water on the stove. Bring to a boil, then allow to simmer for 30 minutes or so. Strain the juice into a jar.

Pour your favorite champagne over ice and add a splash of the strawberry juice.

Garnish with a mermaid.

Sit in front of the fan. Dream of foggy January days.

Aug 21, 2012


Since my 30th birthday party I've been procrastinating on writing my Thank You notes, as usual {so rude, right?!}

Finding these darling notes has helped motivate me to write mine. Enjoy!

1. Sugar Paper LA
2. Rifle Paper Co.
3. Native Bear
4. Daily Sip Studios

What's your favorite?

Aug 20, 2012

Music Monday- The Pierces

A couple of months ago I attended the Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl. It was an incredible night with great seats, friends and wine. Coldplay was amazing, of course, but my biggest surprise was how much I loved their first opening act, The Pierces. The Alabama born sisters had me totally entranced. I loved their style, stage presence and music. Below is a small playlist that is 'Pierces' heavy, but also has a couple of songs that mix well with their style. Click here to listen.

*Photo credit: Chris Floyd via THIS Pinterest account.

Aug 17, 2012


Between the dreamy cover of Jaimee's summer reading suggestion and Stephanie's instagram post of her travels in Positano, my mind has been on the Mediterranean this week. This Friday Fashion post sums up just about everything you need for a day strolling the streets of coastal Italy.

1. Inspiration for this post. Jess Walter's Beautiful Ruins. Buy it at your local bookstore! Here's mine.
2. ASOS {on sale. holler.}
3. Impossible Project vintage Polaroid for snapping photos of the Italian beau you're sure to meet.
4. Michael Kors
5. Cleobella Mexicana Clutch
6. Splendid Shoes 
7. Ray-Ban

Aug 16, 2012

Summer Eating and Entertaining

I am a bad 'during the week' cook.  I usually just pick up a rotisserie chicken, some vegetables and a bottle of wine on my way home from work. Weekends are a different story; I love to cook and spend lots of time finding new recipes that are complex and rewarding. However, with August heat and no air conditioning, who wants to be near a stove all day? 'Not I,' said the girl who does not handle any temperature over 75 degrees well. 

The last few times I've had guests over I've kept the menu very simple. Items I can prep (without heat) and then leave in the oven while I sit on the patio enjoying a glass of cool wine and the ocean breeze. My favorites have been roasting asparagus (just toss in olive oil and season with salt and pepper, then put in the oven) and hasselblad potatoes, courtesy of pinterest. It's actually the first and only recipe idea I've used from the site. Serve with grilled steak, chicken or fish and a light salad and you are set. 

For setting the table, I've loved using old mason jars and wrapping them with twine, burlap, raffia and butcher string. Put a big bunch of babies breath in one or two of the jars to give the table a breezy touch of summer. 


Aug 15, 2012

List Chaos

My to-do lists have been getting ridiculously long lately. I'm feeling unorganized and, as a consequence, discombobulated at work and home. I recently posted a complainagram {complaining instagram} about my to-do list size. My wise/smart/cute friend Nina said,

Break it down and make it more manageable. Make a list for what you need to 
accomplish before lunch and by the end of today. Every Monday I make a To Do
 for the week and every day I pick a few items that I know I can realistically 
accomplish in one day. It's helped me so much and  I get a ton more done.

I think I'll try doing that for the next few weeks to avoid the mental paralysis that comes to me when the number of tasks exceeds the number of minutes in the day.

I've also read about the Pomodoro Technique, which looks interesting. Maybe worth a shot?

Any great organization/task management tips that have worked well for you? Mine usually involves opening a bottle of wine first......which doesn't always end in productive behavior. At least I'm getting antioxidants?

Aug 14, 2012

Fiesta Stella

My birthday party was SO much fun {more on that later}. I had two friends visit from Phoenix and put them to work on making this fun paper garland. I decided to use multi-colors, which better suited my tacos and tequila party. I think my niece, Stella, had the most fun the next day playing with the garland.

Aug 13, 2012

Music and Art

John Singer Sargent's El Jaleo has long been my favorite piece of art. Ever.

Since seeing the original at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum while visiting a friend in Boston, I've been mesmerized. I love the movement, glow and subtle pops of color.

When selecting a playlist for my thirtieth birthday party, I kept the painting in mind. Here is a small selection to get you started on your own fiesta playlist. 

While putting together a party playlist remember to vary the tempo and choose from a broad range of decades to keep every guest happy, regardless of their age. Listen to the playlist HERE.

Aug 10, 2012

Birthday Party Outfit

I've decided to incorporate some plus size fashion posts into the blog, so here goes my first one........

I'm having a birthday party this weekend {the first since my sixteenth!} for my thirtieth. I'll be celebrating with family, friends, tacos & tequila. I bought two somewhat neutral dresses for the party (pictured above) so wanted to be sure to have some bright pops of summer color in my accessories. I received a gorgeous turquoise necklace from my mother for my birthday {pictures coming soon}, so I'll definitely be showing that off.

I still haven't decided which dress to wear. What's your vote?

1. Nordstrom
2. My invitation sent via Paperless Post
3. Image found on Pinterest
4. Kendra Scott {received in the blogshop swag bag}
5. eShakti
6. Zappos

p.s. I learned how to make these inspiration boards in blogshop, which was an incredible experience. I highly recommend signing up when they come to your city. Angela and Bri are a wealth of information and the class has already taught me invaluable skills both for work and personal use.

Aug 9, 2012


I turned thirty a few days ago, and it's true what they say. You know, they. They who say thirty will be the best decade of your life. They who say all of the self doubt and awkwardness falls away and the 'real you' emerges. They who say all of the incredible life lessons you've learned and observed for the last thirty years are able to be lived and implemented effortlessly.

I took the photo above at the Feet First/Blogshop workshop I did last Spring. I almost didn't go because I was so worried that my skill level wouldn't be up to par. GAWD I'm so glad the insecure me didn't win out. I'm so tired of listening to her, anyway. She's so 'twenties.'

I was scrolling through photos last night and decided that this temporary tattoo by tattly will be this decade's theme.

Let's do this.

Let's do this blog {regularly}. Let's do this photography{regularly}. Let's do this dating thing that everyone keeps talking about {gulp}. Let's do this beautiful life.

May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

The posts are coming back starting next week. I will blog consistently for the rest of the year if it kills me.


Apr 25, 2012

Work Travel

I've just returned from a two week business trip. 




Do you travel for work? How do you manage? 
What are your favorite trips? 
Some of mine are coming in a blog post in a 
few days, but I'd love to hear what keeps you sane
when traveling for work or for fun. 

It feels so good to be home. 

{photos from my travels. 
top left- my view while floating in the pool in Phoenix.
top right- sunset in my old neighborhood in Phoenix
bottom left- enjoying champagne at Fork in Boise with Kirsten and her darling husband
bottom right- another pool shot.}

I'll be at Max Wanger/Blog Shop's Feet First workshop starting tomorrow. 
So excited! Wish me luck. 

Apr 11, 2012

Maternity + A Bulldog

I recently had the opportunity to take some maternity photos for my oldest friend, Alissa. Our moms both worked at Disneyland together when they were in college and have been friends ever since. We grew up seeing each other on holidays, birthdays and for a couple weeks during the summer. High School separated us, but after moving home this fall we have been hanging out. It has been so fun getting to know each other again. Above photo was taken at my grandma's house at Christmas. The cat's name is Gumby. :) 

Her dog, Uno, totally stole the show. 
She is so adorable and makes me want to buy a snarfly snuggly bull dog. 
So cute! 

She is naming her little man Hudson, her maiden name.
This photo is so special. This is the bracelet Alissa wore at her wedding. It has her grandpa's military dog tag. He passed away before her wedding. What a nice way to honor his memory!

Apr 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

How was your weekend? 
Mine was swell. 
I got a facial...
....bought a duck and a chick... Kelle Hampton's book...
...and ate some ham.

I also took some photos of Stella.....


Mar 7, 2012


I'll be in New York next week for my cousin's wedding on Long Island.

I have one day to spend in the city.

What should I do?

Where should I eat?

What must I see?

The ladies from The Willows Home and Garden always seem to have a smashing time when they visit the city and Joanna Goddard has an excellent guide, but there are so many options through their posts! What would you do if you only have one day?

**photo via We Heart It

Mar 6, 2012


Isn't it funny how things move along in life?  I purchased my first DSLR camera when I became a doula. I thought it would be a really fun addition to my doula services; to be able to take some decent photographs of the birth experience and of the happy family post-birth. Although my interests (no longer taking doula clients) and location (moved from AZ back home to CA) changed, the love of taking pictures has stayed with me. A few workshops and camera upgrades later, I am still snapping away on the weekends. Although I don't think it's something I'll ever do full time, I love being able to document people's important moments.

And speaking of progression..... I think that this bump is progressing quite nicely. What fun to be able to take photos of one of my dearest friends and her husband as they celebrate the upcoming arrival of their son. Weston will be joining us this spring. I cannot wait to meet him (and to photograph him, of course!).

Photos were taken at Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach, areas around Laguna Beach and at N&G's home in Long Beach. 

Feb 28, 2012

Four Generations

This weekend, my step mom asked me to take a four generations photo.

I happily said yes and spent the weekend thinking of my great grandmother. She was alive for my first twenty years. I feel so luck to have spent so much time with her.

I hope that Stella has the same great memories of her great grandmother!