Feb 23, 2010


My friend Tony 
 (who has a fun blog about the car-free life) 
asked me (on Formspring) what I would 
come back as in another life. 

My answer: 

A mermaid.

Or an Axolotl.

What about you? 
What would you come back as?

**mermaid photo from WEHEARTIT

Feb 19, 2010

Tell Me Why

Why do people say commentator instead of commenter. 

Why do people say historical instead of just historic? 

I think we should eliminate unnecessary syllables from the English language. 

And the French language, for that matter (why not?). 

But not from the Spanish language, because when there are extra Spanish syllables it makes the word more fun and exotic sounding. 

**photo courtesy www.weheartit.com

Feb 17, 2010

The Work Report

The new job is going well! 

First day stats: 

Black Pants
Blue top 
black ballet flats
zebra dooney and bourke purse

Soft makeup
Grey eyeshadow
MAC politely pink lipstick
Slice of Heaven gloss

Poof pony with a black flower 

Super nice and helpful


Break room: 
Pretty good! They have a lot of coffee and tea and a flat screen, so that's cool. 

It's hard going from an office with a nice view to a cube, but my cube at least has a window, so that is good. 

things I miss about funemployment: 
Wearing flip flops and yoga pants Every. Single. Day. It was fun while it lasted.
Sleeping in.
Watching Oprah and Jeopardy every day. I miss you, Oprah. 

Feb 16, 2010

Hard Working Dog

Do you guys remember this video from
when we were kids and our job was to watch 
sesame street and eat cheerios and go to swim lessons?

I start my NEW JOB today and I am so very excited.
This has been a nice planned funemployment period...
I do SO much better with a routine.
I need structure
and rules
and lists
and emails
and meetings
{I am bad at thrifty living}
and office supplies.
Especially office supplies.
I heart pens and post its.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow.

This shall be my motto,
but I will not wear my hair like CoCo O'Brien.
Don't you worry.

Feb 14, 2010

Form Spring

Yo, blog buds?

Are any of you on Form Spring??

I think it's a really neat site that facilitates writing/potential blog posts.

Here's the deal;

You sign up

You tell people your form spring address

They follow you...

But you have no idea who is following you and who isn't....

Then you ask people questions....

Either anonymously or using your formspring account.....

No one sees the questions you're asked until you answer them.
Then they become published on your formspring page.

Pretty nifty, right? 

If you have an account, let me know what your username is!

Mine is TotallyTay

Feb 5, 2010

I'm hiding I'm hiding

I am hiding today. 
I decided this week that I need to have
 my condo sprayed for bugs. 
The weather is going to be 
warming up here in Phoenix soon
 and I am a strong believer in 
bug preventive maintenance. 
My condo has a bug man 
who comes every Friday, 
and you just have to add
 your name to the list of 
condos if you want a visit from him. 

Allow me to digress; I have issues with people being in my home if it's not perfectly clean. I've even banned family members and friends from entering at times if it is not meeting my standards (sorry Bee, mom and Julie. They have all been victims of my clean floors neurosis). It's not about THEM, I know they don't care if I have dishes in the sink, it's about ME. I feel like I fail as an adult if someone sees my home when it is less than stellar.

Anyway, I went to a Buzzcation 
{Look up the word 'buzzcation' 
on Urban Dictionary. 
I know the person who 
invented the phrase. 
It's very clever. :)} 
last night to socialize 
and put together care 
packages for Haitians. 
I got home at 8 fully intending
 to clean my floors 
(the last of my tasks before 
my house was 'stranger ready')
 but arrived home and saw that
 Roomie was already asleep. 
I didn't want to be rude and 
wake her up with my floor scrubbing, 
so I decided to do the 
floors first thing in the morning
 before bug man arrived. 
Then I started watching Lost online. 
Until 3 am. 
Because that's what you do
 when you don't have to work the next day. 
I woke up this morning 
(ok, this afternoon)
 to the bug man 
pounding on my door. 
I just pretended I wasn't home. 
Because that is what
 responsible adults do.
 But NOW I am kind of stuck
 here because the management
 company's office is right across 
from my condo and if I leave my
 condo the management person will be all,
 "Hey biznitch! 
Why did you pretend 
to be asleep when bug man
 knocked on your door? 
Was it because you have 
I know it is you 
who didn't wake up
 early this morning 
to do the floors!" 
So that is why I am hiding. 
At least until I work up 
the courage to leave the condo
 so that I can go to yoga at 4:15. 
Wish me luck. 
If no one sees me this weekend 
know that I've gone completely off
 the deep end and am 
probably hiding in my 
closet, rocking back and forth
 eating uncooked ramen noodles. 
Or something. 

I'm going to watch Oprah now. 
She does not hide, I bet.

Feb 4, 2010

So Sweet

The other day I went to 
to pick up some delicious treats

I bought 
the directions say;

so I did


Feb 1, 2010

Music Monday

Music Monday!

..............and, I'm back. Sorry for my sloth like blog behavior. :) I've been taking some much needed down time. Sleeping till noon, watching Oprah, staying up late, et cera. But, I've MISSED you all in blogland! It's good to be back.