Nov 19, 2010



The computer system I use to do my job is down in our office {oh darn!} so I thought I would check in with a 'lil post about life. 

I have been doing really well lately, FYI. I have been a good visualizer, planner, eater, bill payer and grown up. Also, I have been telling people NO {which I've NEVER been very good at doing} and I have been telling people when I am feeling overwhelmed. Especially at work. And I am the girl who usually strives to be the #1 worker bee who can handle anything and who never has too much stuff to help someone out. And I've been telling co-workers, 'hey, I have a ton of stuff to do, can you please help me?' It's a good feeling to be good at life. 

Do you know why I think I am doing so well? My doula training. Seriously. Being in this world {the birth world} has taught me so much about life and coping and how to get the best out of your experiences with what you have. It has taught me to change positions when I am uncomfortable {literally or figuratively}, how to deal with {and respect} people who handle things differently than I would choose, to take deep breaths before I make a decision, and how to nurture and take care of others by FIRST nurturing and taking care of myself. That, my friends, is the most important lesson I have learned. 

I have been good at not feeling guilty for not calling people back, for cancelling my mom's trip to visit me because I needed some down time and for taking days for myself. My goal is to eliminate my feelings of guilt that persuade me to do things I don't want to do. Nietzsche would be SO proud.

I am a better and happier person because I am a doula. Better to myself. Better to friends, family and strangers. 

And that makes me very happy.

Our system is back up. 

That is all. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. 

Be kind to yourselves. 

p.s. did you read this post from Meg Fee? It spoke to me.

Nov 18, 2010

After Hours

I'm often the last one at work. 

Not because I am working long strenuous hours, but because I often arrive late. Then I have to stay late. It's not very fun.

One rainy day a month or two ago I was the last one at the office and decided to take a little photo tour. 

Here are my findings;

I think that this should be my last name {pronounced bossy}. If it were, I would sing the Kelis song all the time. And I would make people get stuff for me. 
There is a woman in my department who collects ducks. Her desk has very little work related material because there is only room for the ducks. She features a new duck every day. I want to hide all of her ducks. No one would ever suspect me.
She also has a boyfriend named Tom the Tool Man. Not to be confused with Tim the Tool Man. Tom the tool man bakes cakes. I think his name should be Tom the Cake Man. He doesn't have air conditioning in his house. In Phoenix. Forthereals. 
Duck of the day. 
This is my inbox.
That is all.

Nov 16, 2010


Remember when I hid from the bug man? Well, I never did have him come back. So much for preventive maintenance. I got in the shower last week (this is one the traumatic things that happened to me that I said I would discuss with you in my last post), picked up my loofah and a motherfuckingcockroachjumpedontomyBOOB! 



Are you done screaming/convulsing/running around the room in a hot panic? 

No? Still going? Ok. 



Ok, now that we've calmed down....... I shall continue. 

In the .42 seconds it took for me to figure out what was going on and kill the cockroach, I contemplated the following options;

-run out of the shower and house to get as far away as possible from the pervy cockroach. naked. 

-immediately run to the kitchen to boil bleach for a boiling bleach bath/steel wool exfoliation to ensure all cockroach germs are gone. 

- suicide by a combination of drinking my medicated shampoo (my scalp gets itchy sometimes. don't judge)/hanging myself with my shower curtain/slitting wrists with Shick Quattro to ensure a speedy death and relief from the image of a cockroach on my left boob. 

These are the other thoughts racing through my crazy little brain; If I breastfeed my future children from that side, will they turn into cockroaches? Is my implant just going to deflate because it is so grossed out that it was near a cockroach? I would, if I were an implant. {in my head, implants have brains} Am I going to think of this incident every time a guy feels me up? Not that I'm felt up often, but it does happen from time to time. {sorry mom and grandma} I can see it now!

Dream Date: smoochXOsmoochXOsmooch.

Tay: Um, you might want to steer clear of the left one. A cockroach jumped on it this one time.

Dream Date: I have to go home now.

Tay: Sad face.

Moving on. 

After scouring myself with hot water, a washcloth (loofah went in the trash, natch) and antibacterial soap, I called Orkin. They said they would come to my house Monday morning and they NO SHOWED!!! 
Karma, people. Karma. 

{side note, Orkin is not the company I called before when I didn't answer the door, so it's not like they knew that I sometimes don't answer the door for bug people.}


Now, for some random weekend photos. 

Funniest card ever, right? 

Would you like to live in my glitter globe? I will let you. 

I grew this lettuce! Straight from Dothager Acre. It tastes so delicious. 

Next project.........

SO excited to be an apiarist.

Nov 11, 2010

I Believe

Hello Pals, 

Remember last year's 'I Believe' posts? 

Well, I'm doing the same series this year. 


Don't remember the 'I Believe' posts? Click here to read them all. 

Please let me know if you'd like to participate! I don't care if you have a blog, have ever guest posted before or are nervous. 

Just do it. 

It's fun. 

{photo credit}

Nov 10, 2010



Hi friends. Sorry for abandoning you for a month.

Above is a photo of my Busy life.

I have been Busy. With a capital B.

I will try not to be so neglectful for the rest of the year. Promise.

Things that have been keeping me busy:

1) My farm, Dothager Acre.

2) TWO new doula clients. Hooray! November is for Babies.

3) TWO postpartum doula clients. Hooray! November is for Babies. Again.

4) Tutoring

5) Dog sitting, cat sitting, teenage boy sitting (three teenagers for an entire week. Yikes), and dog sitting again.  
Also, until this week the weather in Phoenix has been an unbearable un-autumnal 90 degrees. This put me in a very bad mood. It's probably a good thing I haven't blogged. It would have been very negative. Also, the neighbor I was stealing wireless internet from changed their network to private. SO RUDE, right?

Below are some photos from my farm, Dothager Acre.


 yes, please.

so many choices! 

ouch. I did not plant these on my farm.

the cart

my new bff

I tilled that earth, yo.

the newspaper layer

the mulch layer

my cousin showed up at the end and pretended to work. don't let the photo fool you. Carol and I did it all! Ok, the Judge helped a little.

our completed lasagna garden.  before the plants.



toasting to a job well done. notice the soil under our farmer fingernails?

p.s. two very traumatic things happened to me this morning. I will tell you about them soon. Also, I have actual plant photos to share with you, but I have not uploaded them yet.