Jan 30, 2009

6 Things

The Connelly's posted a fun random facts blog and told everyone to do the same...so I am! Keep it going....tell me your 6 random facts.......

#1 My bed is my most favorite place. It is so comfy and I sleep with a ridiculous amount of pillows and blankets. When I'm having a bad day all I need is my bed to make it better (and maybe some wine)

#2 Chicken Divan is my all time favorite meal. I could eat it every day.

#3I am LOVE jeopardy and crossword puzzles. I DVR the show every day and save my crossword so that I can do them at the same time. I scream out the answers. It's kind of embarrassing.

#4 I love organizing. I don't have to have everything organized all the time but projects like this (my lovely laundry closet) make me SO happy!

#5 I heart wine. Duh.

#6 I loath tape. It gives me the heebie jeebies when I have to touch it and do anything I can to avoid it! Yuck!

Jan 29, 2009

My friends' cookie shop will be on the Rachael Ray show tomorrow! Set your DVR........

Jan 27, 2009

Jan 26, 2009

The Vapors

When I have my nervous breakdown (I'm thinking it could happen this week? Maybe early next week?) I am either going here, http://www.sources-caudalie.com/US.html, or here, http://www.sanctuarybb.com/. I'm leaning toward the place in France because they have something called Vinotherapie. However, I've always wanted to go to Australia and when I imagine myself re cooperating from my breakdown I've always thought it would be by the ocean. So, if I disappear you should call these places and cancel all of your credit cards. I've probably stolen the numbers to pay for my stay.

Jan 22, 2009

Grandpa Crackers

My Grandpa Dan died last Thursday.

It's bittersweet because he will be missed but was VERY ready to go.

I thought I'd share some of the things I'll never forget!

Grandpa Crackers: When I was a little girl I called Cheez-Its 'Grandpa Crackers' because my Grandpa ALWAYS ate them. My first day of Kindergarten I took my .50 cents for snack time and stood in line like a big girl. When I got to the front I said, "I would like some Grandpa Crackers please." The cafeteria lady had NO idea what I was talking about and I ended up having to point them out. That's the day I discovered that our family has lots of nicknames for every day items, like crackers.

He was a Scrabble GENIUS.

We banned him from play because he was so good.

Like most people from Savannah, he loved shrimp boils for his birthday, black eyed peas, okra and grits!
He also loved fishing and marching bands.

He was always willing to 'help' with my college math homework for me so that I could focus on other important study topics like like beer drinking and standards stealing. ;) I'd just send him an email and 20 minutes later it would magically be finished!

After EVERY trip in the car (even if it was just to the grocery store) he would log his miles in a spiral notebook he kept in the center console. So weird!

He was a really good harmonica player! This is a picture of our group at my grandparents' house in Oakhurst playing guitar, harmonica and singing after dinner. So fun.

This is how our telephone conversations ALWAYS started (I'm going to try to type in a Southern accent for his parts....not as easy as it sounds).

GD: Hello?

TK: Hi Grandpa, It's Taylor.


TK: Taylor, your granddaughter. Giggle Giggle.

GD: Aaaah, hello. How are ya honey?

TK: I'm good, how are you?

GD: I'm fihne. Just fiihne.

TK: Is Bee home?

GD: Ah, no she's at....uh...well...somewhere. PEO? Bookclub? Bible Study? Fresno Flats (the historic society/museum they're docents for)? She's always off doin' somethin' you know. I can't keep track..........

I spent part of the summer after my senior year at their house to get some quality time before college. That's the summer I was allowed to participate in the nightly cocktail hour! He made me my first vodka tonic. Very refreshing! He always finished his sips with a satisfied 'aaaaaaaaah,' a wink and a smile.

Grandpa VS. The Woodpeckers of Madera County

During the summers woodpeckers pound on my grandparents' wood home. In the mornings my grandpa would take his BB gun on a mission to make them stop. So, the morning soundtrack included PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK then PING PING PING then FLUTTER FLUTTER!

Now tell me what YOU love about YOUR grandpas!

Jan 12, 2009

December/January Movies

7 Pounds was pretty good. People I spoke to said that the ending was a big surprising shocker type ending, but I figured it out at the beginning and was anticipating being super shocked! It didn't happen. I give it a B-.
P.S. I really want a pet jellyfish now. :)

This movie was GREAT. It was filled with racist remarks but in the end they become terms of endearment for Clint Eastwood's neighbors?? I was trying not to smile when he insulted people but then the people he was insulting were so good humored about it and Clint thought he was such a bad ass that I had to laugh. I heart crotchety old men, what can I say? I think my brother put it best when he said, "He's the cutest little racist old man ever." He is so growly and cute. I just want to cover him up with an afghan, give him a PBR and say, "I know Clint, you are so mean and scary," then pat him on his head and watch wheel of fortune with him. A.

This is one of the best book to movie films I've seen. I thought it was cast very well and I cried. It has been awhile since I have seen it so please excuse the short review.

You know when you go to a wedding as someones date and you don't know ANYONE and everybody is drinking and toasting and laughing at inside jokes and you plaster a nice smile on your face and giggle at the appropriate times but you really just want to go home? Then you go to the bathroom at least once every 30 minutes to call/text your best friends to tell them how miserable you are? That is what I felt like while watching this movie. I thought it was AWFUL and don't understand what all the hype is about. D+ (I'm only giving it a plus because the reception tents and saris were super cool).

Jan 5, 2009


This is the family dog, Teddy.

This is what happens when Ted is in the car and the windshield wipers are on.........

Sweet cuddly puppy, or ferocious killing machine?

You decide!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2009!
I had a great New Year's Eve in Flagstaff with Spencer and Jacqueline. We walked to the pinecone drop for the countdown, stayed for about 5 minutes, then walked back home! We also ate, slept and watched more TV than any of us care to admit. A 12 hour America's Funniest Home Videos marathon may have been involved.................