May 25, 2009

Thank You

At 10 a.m. tomorrow morning the California Supreme Court will issue its decision on whether to uphold Proposition 8.
 I’ve been brewing over an angry blog entry all week criticizing supporters of Proposition 8 and their hateful propaganda that does SO much harm to the family values they're claiming to protect. 

But, when I sat down to finalize things today I decided to go in a different direction.

 There will be no Miss California bashing or criticizing Thomas Monson for the $22 million he sent from Utah to California to  corrupt an election that doesn’t even affect their state.

Thank you Barbara Gittings

Thank you and Salaam Alaykum, Malcolm X

Thank you James Baldwin

Thank you Emma Goldman

Thank you Ella Baker

Thank you Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Thank you Dorothea Dix

Thank you Sojourner Truth

Regardless of California’s Supreme Court decision tomorrow, I encourage everyone to stand up for everyone’s civil rights. Our founding fathers settled this country on the basis of FREEDOM and equal rights for all. 

I’m sure they would be very disappointed in our society if they knew that some of our leaders were twisting their words to form religious-based discriminatory decrees that go against the very grain of our great society. 

We cannot be free unless we are all free.

NOW is the time to STAND UP for your friends who are being treated differently because of their sexual orientation (or, according to this article, (thanks for sharing @joeprguy) simply for choosing not to get married). ****So that's great. I'll be dying alone in the hospital. Hooray for being single. I might as well just stay home to die alone with my 47 cats and hanging ferns.****

Now is the time.







May 22, 2009

Happy FryDay

When we were in elementary school we carpooled with a family who lived close by. To protect their identity we'll call them the Johnschmons. We attended a private school that was 30 minutes away (go roadrunners) and the rides could be a little trying with the oldest, most challenging Johnschmon daughter (two years my junior).

We'll call her Schmelizabeth Johnschmon. To encourage good behavior to and from school, my mom implemented FryDay Fridays. If we had good FryDay behavior all week she would take us to get french fries on our way home from school! It was an all or nothing deal, however, so EVERYONE had to have good FryDay behavior or NO ONE got french fries.

Below is just an EXAMPLE of good FryDay behavior from two random adorable children I found randomly on the internet. Notice the hands folded neatly in their laps and shiny smiles on their faces. You just KNOW their chores are done. Matching outfits also help........
Needless to say, Schmelizabeth often had rude-non-FryDay-behavior (i.e. being late for the after school pick up because she was tormenting kindergarten students, smacking her bbq corn nuts so loudly in the car I thought my head would explode, kicking the seat in front of her, making my mom chase her around the entire playground at a full sprint (and my mom is a FAST runner)) and FryDay was lost.

But the FryDay Fridays we were allowed to have warm salty frys were always delightful.

So, my hardworking friends, I encourage you to treat yourselves to something DELICIOUS for a job well done this week. Be it fries, ice cream, wine or a chilly martini (I think I'll choose the latter).

I think I might wear that outfit too. If only I had a huge atomizer.


P.S. For those of you who aren't aware, I am a full blown cyber stalker. I found Schmelizabeth Johnschmon on myspace a year or two ago (she came from a lovely upper middle class cultured family, mind you) and she is a full fledged-shit kicking-bud light drinking-confederate flag flying (don't get me started)- tobacco chewing-cowboy up sticker sporting-minority hating-boot wearing-truck driving HICK. Riddle me this....How do you grow up in LONG BEACH, CA (the most culturally diverse city IN THE UNITED STATES according to a 2000 USA today report) and evolve into someone like that?

May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Sambo's birthday.
I'm going to tell you my 9 favorite things about her
because 9 is my favorite number.

#1 Her house always smells like home,
no matter where she lives.
When I come back from her house
and open my suitcase
I’m wrapped in the smells of M-O-M.

#2 I love it when people we know say,
OMG it must have been SO cool to have her
as your mom growing up.”
I just smile……
......because…....... was

#3 She always lets me have the
most buttery bite of her sourdough toast.

#4 I love that growing up we woke up to
Louis Armstrong
and cooked dinner to the
Gypsy Kings.

#5 From Junior High to College
I had a lot of friends
who she was a surrogate mom for.
I love that I never wanted
or needed
a surrogate mom,
because mine was more than enough.

#6 I love that she washes
our Christmas jammies
every year before she wraps them
so that they smell yummy
and are ready to wear
when we open them on Christmas Eve.

#7 I love that we have the same face.

#8 I love that when I’m freaking out
she plays the
‘worst case scenario game’
so that things
don’t look so bad anymore.

#9 I love that
all of the things I do
that are creative, cute, smart or funny
have usually been
critiqued, edited, tweaked or polished
by my mom.
My BEST work
is a result of her help and guidance.

Me and Mom

Mom and Cindy

Me, Mom, Spencer

Mom and Cindy, Tap Dancing Queens

Mom and Cindy (They both look like Scount Finch, no?)

Mom and Cindy. Oh so cute.

Mom, Nana and Cindy. Love the TShirt.


Mom, Cindy, Bee, Grandpa

I even love her when her hair looks like this.............

Tell me your favorite things about your mommmy!


One of my oldest and dearest friends, Neyleen, is in Newsweek! Neyleen is an attorney with the firm Girardi Keese (the Erin Brokovich firm) in Los Angeles and the photo featured in the magazine is below;
She's the one on the far right, seated.

It's in the issue with the disgusting pig snout/swine flu on the cover.

I absolutely LOVE that she is wearing pink shoes in a scene of stuffy monochromatic attorneys. :)

Here is a photo of us at her wedding in the fall of 2007. I, in my full Anna Nicole glory.........

Make Up

I am a notoriously bad waker-upper.
I L-O-V-E sleep.
It's like I am in a drug or alcohol induced state when my alarm goes off.
I hit snooze multiple times.
I come up with OUTRAGEOUS stories and excuses not to go to work.
I then realize that I am a grown-up......
....and grown-ups must go to work
so that they can pay their mortgages....
Being homeless on the streets of Phoenix would not be good with my delicate Swedish skin.
So.....I usually end up racing into the shower, blow drying my hair half way and going to work without make-up.
......... mysteriously
about ten minutes after I get to work........... office door closes!

I take five to ten minutes.............
.........and hope that my boss thinks I'm on a super important conference call
.........or something???
I put on my color science bronzer and blush........
.........swipe on my maybelline
carefully apply my anastacia brow powder..........

.........and color my lips with my fave MAC 'politely pink'

As a final touch I spritz my face with my Color Science 'Be Still' face freshener hydrating skin mist (heavenly)
and voila!
I am ready to FACE (pun intended) my day
Let's just hope the boss man doesn't get wise and look under my desk.

BAD blogger....

I know, I'm a bad blogger.
For the two of you who read my blog, I apologize.
Lots of posts coming this week to catch you up on my life in the last few months!