Oct 14, 2010

new plan

Hello pals.

I've decided that daily posts are too much.

I'm going to post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday because those are the days that have a T in them. And my name starts with a T. So there you go.

Maybe I'll post on other days, but those will just be bonus posts. Sometimes I might post every day. You never know.

Stay tuned.......

Oct 11, 2010

music monday

what a nice fall-ish song.

Oct 8, 2010

El Juez


I had tacos with The Judge last night. The Judge is my uncle. Well, technically he is my grandpa's cousin's husband, but it's way easier to say that he is my uncle.  I call him The Judge because he was.........a Judge. Sometimes I call him El Juez because that means The Judge en espanol. Sometimes I call him Judgie-Wudgie-Poo-Poo. He LOVES it when I do that. Not.

When I was little I got to sit in his judge chair in his courtroom. I banged the gavel and sentenced my great-great aunt (mother of Carol) to life in prison. I know, I am harsh.  Carol (wife of The Judge) fled to California so I have been making sure The Judge is being fed. 

We went to a BRAND new taco place last night and it was deliciosa. It is called Los Taquitos. They opened a new place on Sixteenth Street and Glendale. If you live in Phoenix, check it out. If you don't live in Phoenix, too bad. Try the carne asada tacos. They had the perfect ratio of meat to onion/cilantro mix. ¡Que bueno! We thought it was the grand opening night, but it ended up being their practice night so everything was ¡FREE! Even the beer. I just love free drinks. ¡Que bueno! I ran into Susie of Foodies Like Us, which was fun. She is cute and always has the best facebook profile pictures. You should like them on facebook.

Sometimes The Judge gets nervous that people will think I'm not REALLY his niece. Like, 'this is my niece...wink wink.' Like in pretty woman when she says she is his niece but she is really a hooker? Ya know what I mean? In order to assuage those fears, he usually says things like, "Hello, this is MY WIFE'S NIECE,' very loudly so that people don't get suspicious. It's pretty hilar.

I hope you're having a lovely Friday.

Peace, love and tacos.

¡Que Bueno!

Oct 7, 2010

they do

I went to a wedding this weekend. It was such a nice wedding. 

I was the day of helper/coordinator. I used to want to be an event planner, like my mom. I even began my college career as a Hotel/Restaurant Management major. After Saturday's wedding I am glad that I made the choice NOT to be an event planner. Being a doula is way better, for me.

The couple is amazing (I am a friend of their family) and everyone had such a great time. By the end of the night, I felt like the flower girl pictured above. Just. Plain. Wiped. I envied her bed on the floor of the 'getting ready room.' I wanted to snuggle down under garment bags too! Alas, I survived. And I only cried once. I just love a good wedding cry.


Completely unrelated: There are men of the roof cleaning our office solar panels. They are making loud noises. I am pretending it's a thunderstorm.

Oct 6, 2010

She Could Be a Farmer In Those Clothes

I've decided to grow stuff. 

Vegetable type stuff. 

And with the help of African Kelli and with some land generously loaned to me by my aunt and uncle, I think it's going to happen. 

Initially, I planned a farm. Complete with fainting goats {comedic value}, miniature pigs {cuteness value}, chickens {for the eggs}, and Shetland ponies {so I can braid their hair. also, you can use them to plow stuff,duh}. My ideas were scaled back, however, when my aunt and uncle informed me that farm animals would not be welcome on their 1 acre lot in Central Phoenix. Too bad. 

When I was ten we traveled to Smithboro, Illinois {population 200. Seriously. 200 people live there.} for a family reunion on the good 'ol Bauer family farm. The Bauer family farm used to be a fur trapping business {don't tell PETA} but after an unfortunate fur warehouse fire {karma?}, the Bauers decided to focus on growing soy beans, corn and milo. I still remember this from when I was ten. What is Milo, you might ask? Milo is a grain used primarily in animal feed. In the town of Smithboro there is a family called the Dothagers. Many of them are on the, shall we say, trashy side? Which is saying a lot in the town of Smithboro. So of course, members of my family make fun of them because that's how we roll. 
When I was 15 I went on a ski trip with my farm cousins and their friends. I flew from CA, they flew from IL and we met in Breckenridge, CO. While in a gondola ski lift, I spotted some super trashy skiers. Being the snotty teenager that I was I said, 'Ew! Look at them! They must be Dothagers!' thinking this would make my cousins laugh. I forgot, however, that their friends were with us and being from a small town were all related to every other townsperson somehow. About three of the cousin's friends cried out, 'HEY! My granny's a Dothager!'

And that, my friends, is how I almost died in a gondola in Colorado. 

How are these things related, you might ask? 
We have decided to name our Phoenix farm Dothager Acres. It just seems like the right thing to do. Overalls mandatory, shoes discouraged, missing teeth welcome.

Stay tuned for farm updates!


**photo courtesy wehearit.com

Oct 5, 2010

hey you, shut up. ok?

Hey fall loving bloggers,

Can you please be quiet? It is still sadly warm in Phoenix and I don't really want to hear about your pumpkin spice lattes, tights, pumpkin bread and scarves. I know that you have to love fall (along with cupcakes, etsy and regina spektor; the blog love holy trinity) but please stop telling us about it. Love it to yourself.

I know, you're super excited about it being here. When I lived in Flagstaff I used to get really excited about it too. Oh, Flagstaff. I would so much rather live there. If I were there I would drive to Oak Creek to buy some cider from the side of the road, admire the fiery aspens on the peaks, drink a latte downtown at Late for the Train and would most definitely stop at Basement Marketplace for a new fall ensemble.  But until I move, please stop blogging about fallishness until at least November.




Oct 1, 2010

crazy week!

What a crazy week. Phoenix bff had a baby on Monday and NOW we're headed down to Tucson for her sister's wedding. 

Yep. A baby and a marriage. This is a big week for the Adelmans! :) 

I have been working and snuggling baby K this week and have had little time to let the blogging part of my brain work. I'll be back next week in full force. 

As I said, I'm heading to Tucson. 

{do you ever get nervous when you say you're going out of town? Ya know, how the news guys tell you that if you broadcast that you're out of town on social media bad guys will come and steal your stuff? Even though I really don't have much stuff to steal? Well, BAD GUYS, I have around 17 mean junk yard dogs in my house. That's right. In my 900 square foot condo I have 17 junk yard dogs. You had better not mess with them. They're MEAN. And HUNGRY for bad guys. Also, I have a loud alarm. For the reals. So there.}

Please read this post (from my blog; before I figured out how to make the pictures look pretty. ;)) and this post (from an awesome blog that you should all be following) about the AMAZING Congress Hotel in Tucson. I really love it there. Check it. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy October! 

**photo credit