Dec 27, 2011



I caught my mom's flu on Christmas day. Sad! Aside from being in bed, the holiday weekend was great! So many nice gifts, wonderful food (until the bug got me) and lots of fun with friends and family.

More pictures and updates once my head/nose/stomach chill out. Until then, I'll be sniffling and drinking my favorite Trader Joe's tea trying to get through my work day.

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

Dec 21, 2011

Dec 19, 2011

Winds & Grey


We've been having Santa Ana winds the last few days. I think they make everyone crazy and I hate them.

My nose is running, my eyes are red and my skin is dry. I feel unsettled and unfocused and I swear its the winds fault. Did you know that there is an increase in homicides and suicides during Santa Ana winds? It's true. They bring positive ions that disturb peoples' moods. Runny noses and grouchy homicidal people? Yuck.

On Saturday, I decided to walk away the funk. No alcohol this time, it was 9 in the morning. I decided to take our dog along, but once we got outside the rain clouds made our walk seem like a bad idea. I tried to get Ted (the dog) to come back into the house, but once you've told him he is going on a walk he refuses to come back into the house. 


So despite some rain drops we played ball instead. I also shot some great photos of him that will make the perfect gift for my dad and step-mom. Later, we drove to pick up a sandwich for lunch and COMPLETELY forgot about Ted's issue with windshield wipers. It was an interesting lunch run to say the least. 

Dec 16, 2011

Blog Makeover


I thought that with Altitude Summit coming up I should spruce up my blog a little bit.

Thanks so much to Sarah of xoSarah for coming up with such a great design. She took all of my random thoughts and turned them into exactly what I was imagining. She was really easy to work with, finished two weeks ahead of schedule AND was very affordable. She is also a circus performer, which is rad. 

I'll definitely be working with her again! 

Thanks to Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen and Braid Creative for suggesting her. 

**the above photo is one I snapped of Stella a couple of days ago. It has nothing to do with the blog re-design, but isn't it the most adorable photo? She looks like a little Christmas caroler cartoon. 

Dec 15, 2011

A Walk to Remember

Allow me to preface this story with a message to those people who walk their dogs and have no control over them- I'M SORRY. I used to judge you and your arms, which I assumed were weak and atrophied. Too scrawny to handle a lab? HA! Get to the gym, slackers. That's what I used to think. Until I met Major.

He is enormous. And strong. He is the Jethro Bodine of dogs. 

Major is my mom's boyfriend's dog. I have been the victim of Major incidents before last week. I've been to Howie's (mom's boyfriend) house many times. I've been hit in the leg with bruise causing tail wags. I've been almost knocked over by the rambunctious dog bounding through the house. But I'd never taken him for a walk. Until last week.

Howie went out of town and asked us to watch/walk Major. 'No problem!' I said cheerily while my mother gave me a look of warning.

The first few nights Howie was away, my mom walked Major. I had late work nights and by the time I got home my mom would have already walked him and would be recovering on the couch with an ice pack on her shoulder and a weary look on her face. 'Ha!' I would say. You're not strong enough to walk a DOG?

Then, we got home at the same time one night. 

The conversation went like this;

Mom- 'Let's get some exercise! I need to walk Major.' 

Taylor- 'Okay, that sounds fun on this crisp winter night!' 

Mom- 'Do you want red, white or champagne?' 

{what, you don't drink while exercising?}

Taylor- 'Champagne. Duh.' 

Mom- 'Perfect. We'll walk to Howie's house, pick up Major, re-fill our champagne and walk home with the dog.' 

We did just that. Let's just say that the first part of the walk was more enjoyable than the second. 

There was lots of arm jerking, yelling and champagne spillage. Never okay. 

When we got back, my mom decided that she needed a photo shoot with the dog. 

These photos make me pee my pants EVERY time I look at them. They are hilarious and show Major's personality so well. 





Dec 14, 2011

Stella Lee

I'm an aunt! 

My sister had her baby on Monday evening. 

Stella Lee arrived at 5:46 and was 8 pounds 2 ounces. 

We're all completely smitten with this little lovie. 

She looks EXACTLY like my sister did when she was born! 




**blogging will be light for the next week or so. Blog makeover time! 

Dec 5, 2011

Holiday Recipe



Whew! I'm back. I went to LA for a few days to help some new parents and their nanny with their preemie triplets and my blog totally got away from me. 


Here is a recipe that I made for an appetizer this Thanksgiving. It is SO easy to make and tastes fresh and delicious. It won't leave you feeling weighed down like so many holiday favorites. Also, it's Christmas colors! Very fun. 

Cilantro Pesto Crostini

Pesto Ingredients: 
1 bag of frozen peas (defrost by running under warm water in a colander)
1 bunch of cilantro
2-3 cloves of garlic
3/4 cup of parmesan (1/2 cup will go in pesto and 1/4 cup to sprinkle on top)
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
Crostini Ingredients: 
1 baguette or 2 ciabatta loaves
1/2 cup olive oil
salt and pepper
Thinly slice baguette or ciabatta.
Brush with olive oil.
Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper
Bake in a 300 degree oven until bread reaches desired crispiness level.
Combine all pesto ingredients in food processor EXCEPT for 1/4 cup parmesan and cherry tomatoes.
Allow crostini slices to cool, then spread with pesto mixture.
Halve the cherry tomatoes and place one or two on top of each crostini.
Sprinkle with snow (parmesan cheese)

Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I was up late last night cooking a HUGE amount of my favorite holiday dish, creamed corn.

My family has used this recipe for years, minus the msg. 

What are your favorite holiday gifts and traditions?

Nov 23, 2011



I have developed a major addiction to

Have you joined this site? They have so much fun stuff! And, it is so reasonably priced.  I wake up every morning so excited to check my iPhone app for the new fun things they're featuring that day.

The boxes above are just the shipments I've received this week. It's getting out of control. It's a good thing I am homeless. Otherwise, I would have no money for rent, food or clothes. I would just be surrounded by fun stuff from

I've done the majority of my holiday shopping using their site. They have a 100 gifts for under $100 portion of their site right now that has so many great finds!

My brother is such a difficult person to shop for and I have a plethora of gifts for him. So many that I'm giving some to my mom to give to him.

It's crazy, yo. Click on this link to join and say good bye to all of your disposable income.

Nov 22, 2011

Life Update- Work part 2

Shishito Peppers

SP Fries2


One of my favorite parts about my job, besides working with my family, is the food photography. 

It's so fun playing with my 50 mm lens and the gorgeous natural light in the restaurant. 

Two of my photos were even used in a local paper. It was a big day for me. 

I'm attending Alt Summit in January and am SO excited to imrpove my skills. And to meet some of my favorite bloggers like JasonKathleen and Ryan

A group of fellow attendees who 'met' in a webinar last week have started browsing each others blogs so that we can get to know each other before the conference. 

Check out their web pages and show them some love! 

Emily T
Emily W

I'm excited to be in the company of such talented people and can't wait to meet them in person! 


I'm starting to gather (very last minute) *I Believe* blog posts. If you'd like to participate this year, please email me! Ltkalander(at)gmail(dot)com.


Photos are of our;

catering menu
sweet potato fries with bacon chive aoli
shishito peppers
butternut squash ravioli

Nov 21, 2011

Life Update- Work

Fall Foliage at the Red Table. What is the Red Table, you might ask? Oh, just the delicious restaurant that my mom opened. I do their marketing and social media. Here is our website, twitter feed, blog and facebook page. Just in case you'd like to become a fan. 

If you're in Southern California, please come visit us! The food is incredible. It's a daily struggle for me to not become a two-ton-person who can no longer fit through doorways.

*I started a facebook fan page for my blog. You can find it here!

*photo taken with the iPhone istagram app. Are you instagraming? If so, my username is totallytay.

Nov 20, 2011

Life Update: I am homeless

When the opportunity to work for my mom's restaurant came up I moved from Palm Springs to the coast. I haven't found an apartment yet because;

1) There is talk of opening another restaurant or two in 2012. The possible locations have ranged from Ventura to Dana Point, which is at least a two hour span of Southern California. I'm going to wait until we break ground on our next location to decide on a place to call home because I HATE commuting. When I lived in Arizona I made sure I never had to drive more than 20 minutes in traffic to get to and from work. I'd like to keep it the same here.

2) Apartments at the beach are expensive and I'd like to put off paying rent as long as possible.

For the time being, I'm bouncing between my mom's, my dad and step mom's and my grandma's. When one gets sick of me (usually my dad) I move on to the next.

It's kind of annoying because I like having all of my things in one place, but it is totally worth the trouble for the money I am saving.

Nov 2, 2011

Baby Love

So, let's start with some big news. 

I'm going to be an AUNT! 

Little sister is pregnant. She and baby daddy surprised us with the news in February and we are thrilled. I already love this baby so much it's crazy. She is arriving in about one month. CRAZY! 

It's a girl. 

Her shower is this weekend and I can't wait for the photos. It's going to be very pink, very chic and very bubbly. She requested a very non-traditional cocktail party shower. We're going to party, yo. 

Little sister is pretty clueless when it comes to baby stuff. Luckily, she has a seasoned veteran (me) to help her. I feel like I'm about as close to being a mom as you can be without actually being a mom. 

She has done some pretty funny novice stuff that has made me want to laugh and cry simultaneously. 

Example 1: She and baby daddy thought that babies couldn't see for a few weeks after they were born. Like a puppy, or something. 

Example 2: She didn't realize that the baby could move around in the womb. She thought its back was attached to the wall of the uterus. Seriously. 

Example 3: She listed me as her co-registrant on her baby registries. I had to call and explain that while I do consider the baby to be partially MINE, she should probably list baby daddy as the co-registrant. 

Example 4: She uses the belly bands I bought for her as tube tops.

There have also been a few things she has done that just make me want to cry. Like when she says she is going to, 'just give breastfeeding a shot, but she doesn't think it's going to work out because it gives her the creeps.' I'm praying that those maternal instincts kick in immediately and that she has a super easy labor and even better breastfeeding experience, but we'll see. 

It has been a true test of my patience to answer her questions and have conversations about these things. I am trying to be a neutral non-judgmental doula, but when it's my little sister the bossy big sister in me tends to win out. I'll be honest. I've yelled a few times.

Nov 1, 2011

Hey there, kiddos.

Well hey there. How are things?

I am well.

I hope you are too.

I'm coming back. Starting today.

Lots of stuff has changed (new job, new city, new adventures, a few new outfits).

Lots has stayed the same (I still love booze, snowcones, butter and cussing. I'm still tall).

I'm about to dump the last year, or so, of my life on you in the next two months, along with some current happenings. Then, starting in January, I'll only blog about current events in mi vida. Unless I find some super sweet 80's youtube videos.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.


Jun 20, 2011

Trip to Paris!

I interrupt my blogging silence to tell you about the best blog giveaway ever. I'm sure you've already heard of it, but just in case you missed it go HERE to enter!!!

p.s. I will be back very soon. I miss you all very much. 

Apr 7, 2011

Guest Post


I wrote a guest post on Anie's blog!

You should read it.

Also, I can't find my camera cord. Boo.

Apr 5, 2011

I'm Back

I'm ready to blog again. Here and on Oh So Cheesy. I have been neglectful, I know. 

I moved all of my things from Phoenix to Huntington two weekends ago and I feel like I'm still recovering. It was an exhausting trip. 

More on that this week. 

Also this week? Posts on;

Christmas (yikes. that's late.) 
Weekend road trip to San Simeon
Family Dinners

Apr 4, 2011

Music Monday

This song is rad.

The dino is ok, I guess.

I had a fantastic time in San Simeon this weekend. Post coming soon....................

Mar 17, 2011

Reason #3,472


Reason #3,472 I love my mom's house: 

She has fun things in jars on shelves like Smarties {they make you smart} and Veuve champagne cork tops. Kind of like a witch, but a good witch. 

Mar 16, 2011



Since moving and accepting a position taking care of infant triplets, my life has fallen into a somewhat strict routine. 

I thrive following a strict routine. It has been so nice and simplifying. 

One of my favorite parts of this routine is eating breakfast. I have never been a breakfast eater, but I am really liking it now. Every morning I have fruit and oatmeal. 

What do you eat for breakfast? Do you like routine or do you prefer to have a less structured day? 

This is how the cool kids eat a mango. 


Mar 15, 2011

random memories


When I was a little girl I was VERY particular about my candy. Now I am particular about everything, but that's another blog post. 

I didn't like many types of candy and what I did like, I only liked certain flavors. For example, I only ate pink and orange starburst. The other ones went to my brother or in the trash.

I also only liked orange jelly beans. Every year, my grandma would pick all of the orange jelly beans out of the bag so that I could have exclusively orange jelly beans in the plastic eggs in my easter basket. 

That is true love.  

Mar 11, 2011



Do you ever do dumb things that make you really mad at yourself? 

For example, spending $100 on super cute Happy New Year cards for your doula clients and colleagues and then NEVER sending them out even though you addressed them all?!?! 

I am so lame. Now I don't know what to do with these things. It's too late to send them out, right? I don't want to throw them away because they are really cute! Maybe I'll just change the 1 in 2011 to a 2 to make it 2012. Anyone have a Sharpie? JK. 

Mar 10, 2011



Before accepting my new job in California, I sat in my house with my favorite mug and thought about what I would be losing and what I would be gaining by leaving Arizona. I focused on the Emerson quote in my mug while sipping my tea. I know what I want from life and staying in Arizona is not a part of that plan. I knew I would really miss my friends (I have NO friends in my current city) and my house. I really miss having a space of my own. However, this job is providing me the opportunity to prepare for living the life I imagine. It feels wonderful to have my family an hour and a half away and I love seeing them every weekend. I feel peaceful and content with my decision to move and am looking forward to the near future when I can live the life I imagine. 



I would really like to start blogging more often, but I am taking care of babies for 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. I feel like I don't have much to share. Not only am I not allowed to blog about the kiddos (understandable), but there are only so many 'I'm covered in spit up' posts you can write. I'll do my best to post more consistently. :) 

I'm also posting HERE every week! Are you reading about the cheesy goodness? 

Feb 15, 2011

love resolution

'No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.'

Valentine Resolution: Kiss more handsome men between now and Valentine's Day 2012. 

Next year, my valentine will be a lovely tall manfriend. 

I am tired of having babies and dogs as my Valentines.

That is all. 

Feb 7, 2011

Music Monday

I think this is a repeat....

Jan 27, 2011


When I was in high school, I used to check the weather page in the newspaper every day I was at my dad's house. After reading what the weather was going to be like for school, I would check the weather for San Francisco. I have always loved it there and have dreamt about moving there for years. Well, my dream came true! I have accepted a fantastic job and am moving home to California. I will be in Palm Springs for six months, then moving to lovely San Francisco. 

..........contented sigh...........................

When my cousin found out he texted, 'when you wish upon a star!'

I am thrilled. 

Blog posts will be sparse, as I have to pack my condo, rent my condo, cry good bye to friends and family in Phoenix and head West ALL in the next seven days. 


But good crazy. 

See you in California! 

I'm coming home!

{p.s. I will be listening to this song and this song the entire drive}

Jan 13, 2011

a new year harvest

Oh look, just some broccoli that I GREW MYSELF! 


Ok, not by myself. With the help of Carol and The Judge. But still. Pretty cool, right? 

We only planted three plants. I didn't realize that you only got one broccoli piece per plant. Farmer Tay has learned her lesson. Next harvest? At least 20 plants. 


Because it was so delicious. I must have more.

Jan 12, 2011



So, um, now that the I Believe posts are done.....

.......does this mean I have to, like, start writing again? 


Jan 11, 2011

Daina Believes

We have a straggler! Today's list is from a family friend, Daina. :) 


My list is an odd number kind of thing. And, I dedicate it to Taylor’s mom…
 I love you Sammy!

·         -I believe in drinking expensive champagne out of plastic cups

·         -I believe reading opens the mind

·         -I believe in “ponies”

·         -I believe in listening and the power of touch

·         -I believe in breaking the cycle

·         -I believe in rocking in chairs during training sessions

·         -I believe walking barefoot in the sand calms the soul

·         -I believe in never judging – you never know when you will be walking in the shoes you have just judged

·         -I believe in dancing

·         -I believe in playing word games during staff meetings and giving hotel tours as it were the Louvre

·         -I believe friends are like the ebb and flow of tides – sometimes they are in and at times they are out, be but they are never truly gone

·         -I believe everything tastes better with fresh herbs

·         -I believe magic sentences are the best when packed in a lunch box for school or work

·         -I believe my day is complete when sitting at my very old dining room table sharing great food and wine with my family and friends

·         -I believe in lipstick and scarves

·         -I believe in no regrets and life lessons

·         -I believe in Carpe Diem

·         -I believe all problems can be solved during a “working lunch” at Joe Jost’s

·         And last but not least… I believe we can pang if we want to!

Thanks for sharing Daina! :)  

{photo is of Daina and Jeff's gorgeous girls who wear my party dresses and ready my books. :) } 

Jan 10, 2011

Oh So Cheesy

Do you like Macaroni and Cheese?

Of COURSE you do!

Check out my new blog project with HSBFF Ney.

Jan 7, 2011

I Believe

Today's list is from me. 

I believe there is no better free form of relaxation than laying on a raft in a pool in the summer. 

I believe in wearing a lot of sunscreen. 

I believe in reading every night before bed. Even if it's just a paragraph.

I believe in carrying your passport with you at all times. You never know when the love of your life is going to come up to you and say, 'Hello, I know we've just met, but would you like to go to Paris with me this afternoon?' You must be prepared for that type of occurrence. 

I believe in champagne. 

I believe watching your best friends become mothers is one of the greatest things I've ever been witness to.  

I believe in marriage equality and that if two consenting adults want to be married (regardless of gender, race, religion), they should be allowed. 

I believe it is our duty as humans to help, in some way, people who are not being treated fairly. 

I believe that there will never be a better way for me to relax than to swim laps.

I believe I was a mermaid in a past life. 

I believe in reading the newspaper.

I believe it is ok to try and fail. 

I believe in buying/shopping/eating locally. 

I believe in volunteerism and that people who volunteer regularly are happier and more content with their lives. 

I believe in closing your eyes when you take a bite of creme brulee. 

I believe in creme brulee. And macaroni and cheese.

I believe that organized religion, sadly, is the root of most of the problems our world faces.

I believe in peace and diplomacy. Always. 

I believe it is possible to forgive people and to not ever speak to them again. 

I believe this is one of my favorite quotes: "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."

I believe that becoming a doula and being present on the BEST day of people's lives has profoundly changed the way I view the world. I see more beauty and hope now because of those little babies.  

I believe I feel best in a dress.

I believe in divorce.

I believe in super soft mattresses, featherbeds, lots of blankets and a ridiculous number of pillows. 

I believe in Katharine Hepburn. 

I believe in Jeopardy and Crosswords.

I believe in feminism. Not the type that is most commonly associated with the word, but the type that acknowledges and recognizes the feminine role to be as important and vital as the masculine role; in our homes, our relationships and our world. It is a necessary balance. 

I believe in defying traditional gender roles.

I believe that traveling internationally is the best way to change your perspective for the better.

I believe in my family. 

I believe in learning from the mistakes made by others in your family. I believe it is possible not to repeat them and to make your life better because of them. 

I believe in snow cones.  

Thank you all SO much for participating and reading. It has been a pleasure to host this series again. I look forward to next year. 

**photo credit. 

Jan 6, 2011

Bee Believes


Today's post is from my grandma, Bee.

-I believe I am blessed with a wonderful and most understanding family. 

- I believe Taylor is blessed with some fabulous, profound and fascinating blogging friends. 

- I believe in the power of prayer

- I believe good music soothes the soul

- I believe 2011 will be filled with new adventure and wonderful surprises

- I believe tears are cleansing and that it is ok to cry

- I believe a cup or tea or warm milk before you go to bed will help you sleep better

- I believe in candle baths with lots of bubbles

- I believe a walk in the fresh morning air keeps you healthy and helps to start the day.

- I believe I am one of the luckiest Grandmothers in the whole world



Thanks for sharing Bee! 

Check out Bee's post from last year here.  

**I think this is the last 'I Believe' post?? Did I miss anyone? 

Jan 5, 2011

Stephanie Believes

Today's list is from my favorite Phoenix turned London blogger, Stephanie, from Letters and Lists. 

I'm fortunate to know Stephanie for-the-reals and am SO anxious to visit her {and Jessica and Nicole} in London this summer. TK in the UK. Woot! 


I Believe...... in the form of an even numbered list because that's how I do:

2.  I believe true friends make up your heart and soul

3.  I believe most problems can be solved with ribbon

4.  I believe most problems can be solved with wine

5.  I believe ribbon and wine go together like peanut butter and jam

6.  I believe jelly is bullshit

7.  I believe in marriage

8.  I believe confidence is sexy

9.  I believe I'd be lost without my family

10..  I believe people come in and, sometimes even more importantly, go OUT of your life at just the right times

11.  I believe everyone is slightly OCD in their own right. Some more so than others, obvs

12.  I believe that people who shorten their words are cool kids

13.  I believe in God

14.  I believe in the power of making lists

15.  I believe "the champagne's bubbles" should be the new "the cat's pajamas"....but not the new "bee's knees" because that one is a classic.

16.  I believe Tay's mom might agree with #15

17.  I believe it would be hysterical if a dog was named Linda 
{note from Tay- my mom will also like this one. Linda is my step mom's name. Bwahahahahaha.}

18.  I believe I now need to pause and laugh at the thought of Linda the dog!

19.  I believe you have to be in it to win it

20.  I believe it's okay not to smile all the time, it doesn't mean you're not a happy person

21.  I believe in glitter and rhinestones

22.  I believe in not having regrets

23.  I believe fellas should wear more cardigans, it's just a good look. Ask Mr. Rogers (a moment of silence please to show your respect)

24.  I believe winter wardrobes are way more enjoyable than summer ones

25.  I believe it's okay to have a loud decibel

26.  I believe in saying no

27.  I believe pumpkin flavored treats should be available all year round

28.  I believe most things in life happen for a reason

29.  I believe in singing loudly in the car

30.  I believe watching reality TV is not a reflection of your intelligence


Thank you for playing! I am loving this list.  

I am also loving the pink mustache. Way to bring it to Stonehenge.