Nov 18, 2010

After Hours

I'm often the last one at work. 

Not because I am working long strenuous hours, but because I often arrive late. Then I have to stay late. It's not very fun.

One rainy day a month or two ago I was the last one at the office and decided to take a little photo tour. 

Here are my findings;

I think that this should be my last name {pronounced bossy}. If it were, I would sing the Kelis song all the time. And I would make people get stuff for me. 
There is a woman in my department who collects ducks. Her desk has very little work related material because there is only room for the ducks. She features a new duck every day. I want to hide all of her ducks. No one would ever suspect me.
She also has a boyfriend named Tom the Tool Man. Not to be confused with Tim the Tool Man. Tom the tool man bakes cakes. I think his name should be Tom the Cake Man. He doesn't have air conditioning in his house. In Phoenix. Forthereals. 
Duck of the day. 
This is my inbox.
That is all.

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Sandy B. said...

hmm howie has a duck in his refrigerator. perhaps how and the duck girl could be friends. just thinkin'

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