Mar 7, 2012


I'll be in New York next week for my cousin's wedding on Long Island.

I have one day to spend in the city.

What should I do?

Where should I eat?

What must I see?

The ladies from The Willows Home and Garden always seem to have a smashing time when they visit the city and Joanna Goddard has an excellent guide, but there are so many options through their posts! What would you do if you only have one day?

**photo via We Heart It


Stephanie G. said...

Dedicate the day to your fav neighborhood / area and then wander. . . I'd go with West Village :)

Julie Kiefer said...

oh man. I wish I could accompany you! :) catch a matinee at the tkts booth fo sho...I am thinking of more ideas...

Phoenix said...

Ray's pizza, for sure! And if you have time to do the Empire State Building tour, it's super cute and fun (and touristy.) But definitely eat pizza, the dough in NY tastes AMAZING!

katie beth said...

i so wish i knew the city well enough to give you recommendations! i'm sure i'll be jealous of whatever you end up doing. enjoy!

katie beth

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