Apr 11, 2012

Maternity + A Bulldog

I recently had the opportunity to take some maternity photos for my oldest friend, Alissa. Our moms both worked at Disneyland together when they were in college and have been friends ever since. We grew up seeing each other on holidays, birthdays and for a couple weeks during the summer. High School separated us, but after moving home this fall we have been hanging out. It has been so fun getting to know each other again. Above photo was taken at my grandma's house at Christmas. The cat's name is Gumby. :) 

Her dog, Uno, totally stole the show. 
She is so adorable and makes me want to buy a snarfly snuggly bull dog. 
So cute! 

She is naming her little man Hudson, her maiden name.
This photo is so special. This is the bracelet Alissa wore at her wedding. It has her grandpa's military dog tag. He passed away before her wedding. What a nice way to honor his memory!


Phoenix said...

Awesome pictures! I love the stacked blocks. So cute.

And, um, Uno is freakin' ADORABLE.

Shauna said...

What a beautiful Mama to be. These photos are stunning!

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