Aug 15, 2012

List Chaos

My to-do lists have been getting ridiculously long lately. I'm feeling unorganized and, as a consequence, discombobulated at work and home. I recently posted a complainagram {complaining instagram} about my to-do list size. My wise/smart/cute friend Nina said,

Break it down and make it more manageable. Make a list for what you need to 
accomplish before lunch and by the end of today. Every Monday I make a To Do
 for the week and every day I pick a few items that I know I can realistically 
accomplish in one day. It's helped me so much and  I get a ton more done.

I think I'll try doing that for the next few weeks to avoid the mental paralysis that comes to me when the number of tasks exceeds the number of minutes in the day.

I've also read about the Pomodoro Technique, which looks interesting. Maybe worth a shot?

Any great organization/task management tips that have worked well for you? Mine usually involves opening a bottle of wine first......which doesn't always end in productive behavior. At least I'm getting antioxidants?

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Cameron said...

Man, I feel crazy busy when my list looks like that for the month, let alone a week! You sure have a lot on your plate.

I'm afraid I'm not much help other than I say "no" a lot when asked if I'll do this or contribute that. I want my time to stay my own in between the times it's unavoidably not :)

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