Feb 23, 2009

Taylor Needs....

Megan posted this one on her blog and I thought it was too funny to pass up.

So here's how it works. You Google your first name plus the word 'needs' and post the first ten on the list. For example, I typed "Taylor needs" and this is what I got............

1) Taylor needs to stop talking. I think my Taste of the Nation committee can agree with this one!

2) Taylor needs to practice his spitting. Ew! I don't spit.

3) Taylor needs a reliable partner because when she trusted "relations and friends" in the past, she was "rewarded with deceit, betrayal, insincerity and wastage.” Holla! This one is from Elizabeth Taylor. <3>
4) Taylor needs a swift kick. Sometimes. :)

5) Taylor needs our help and support. Always!

6) Taylor needs to make it four in a row! This could either apply to tequila shots I'll be taking when this stressful day is over....OR connect four. Loved that game.

7) Taylor needs one more fight before title bout. I've never actually been in a physical fight (if you exclude my sibling throw downs).

8) Taylor needs just eight points to become UCF's all-time leading scorer at the Division I level. HA! You hear that Kiefers! You'll be seeing me on UFC soon.

9) Taylor needs you guys in Zavalla! I wikipedia'd Zavalla and it is a town of 600 in east Texas. I will not be needing you there any time in the near future.

10) Taylor needs to move on. A good one to end on.

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