Feb 3, 2009

happy BK day

Happy BK Day! Ben Kweller's new album comes out today and I'm very excited. My brother, Jacqueline and I have been Ben Kweller fans for a long time and have traveled far and wide to see his shows! Included in this blog are highlights of our trips to NYNY and Tucson to see him perform. We all look disgusting in the NYNY pictures because it was August and humid and sticky and hot and blech.

BK drums

After the first show I left my purse at the subway stop in Brooklyn. We didn't realize it until the subway doors closed and we started moving. We booked it back to the last station, ran into a police department (It totally looked like law and order and there was a shooting being called in which made my trip) and then a nice man came up to me with my purse! It is a crazy story...... Anyway, Spencer was a little irritated with me for losing a purse on vacation in NY so this is him ignoring me on the subway ride from the concert back to Manhattan.

This girl kept hitting us with her abnormally long pony while she was rocking out to BK.
Hood rats on the streets of Brooklyn

TK and BK!

Great concert at the Hotel Congress in Tucson
Pre show vino
Happy Faces

Angry faces because I was taking too many pictures

The cool stage at Hotel Congress

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Anonymous said...

ooooo will you e-mail me those pictures from tucson? hope we get to see bk somewhere sweet this year!


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