Nov 3, 2009

for the reals?

Dear Phoenix,

I was ALL ready for fall
(as you can see from my chalkboard,
possibly my favorite thing in my condo).

Posted by PicasaI had my sweaters fluffed & sitting
 on my closet shelves.

I painted my nails this color.....

I was drinking these and was so
 happy with the chill
 of the air &
 the warmth of my beloved PSL.

And then you did this.

and now I hate you again.

Knock Knock.

Who's there?



Julie Kiefer said...

November who? Or should I say what? Not to worry, it's got to cool off soooner or later. :(

BCassFam said...

What does that day 90 degree's?

Annie said...

it's cold and icky in MN! blah!

Phoenix said...

Apparently LA didn't get the memo either.

Although it's always freezing in my office, so I get to pretend from 9 to 5.

Amber Williams said...

Man, I am the exact opposite! I love the heat! Sure, its nice to WANT a cup of hot coffee and to throw on a sweater, but I just cant stand the cold!!

I love your chalkboard... I made one with chalkboard paint in my kitchen :-)

Anonymous said...

Same crap in Florida. I'm so ready for weeks and weeks of cooler weather, but 80s forecasted this weekend.

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