Nov 12, 2009

Over Eager

Are any of you on twitter? Do you ever feel like an over eager tweeter/blog commenter/facebook status liker?? Do you ever get a response and then reply, like, 5 million times and then realize the other person isn't responding? Sometimes I feel like Jenna Rink. Like I'm a 13 year old, with the same insecurities, ill prepared for my life as a 27 year old grown up girl. Like I'm too friendly and eager to meet new people and make friends, and I get SO SUPER excited about things that others don't find very interesting.

Anyone else have these feelings?



Kathy said...

Pretty funny stuff. :)

I didn't know you were on facebook...I will find you and "like" your status updates I'm sure.

What I love is when two people have a conversation with eachother on FB. I have a cousin who does that with her boyfriend AND THEY ARE USING THE SAME COMPUTER!! Seriously people just talk to eachother!! You are in the same room!!!

I feel better now, thanks. :)

Phoenix said...

I am in a permanent state of over-excited. And when I get into something, like blogging or tweeting or whatever, I can go from 0 to 89 mph FAST.

I feel ya, girl.

Red Boots said...

Definitely - I get way too over eager too. But it's a good thing, I think! Better than not saying anything at all!

Unknown said...

I might feel that way if I even knew how to be a tweeter/facebook/blogger. xobee

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