Feb 16, 2010

Hard Working Dog

Do you guys remember this video from
when we were kids and our job was to watch 
sesame street and eat cheerios and go to swim lessons?

I start my NEW JOB today and I am so very excited.
This has been a nice planned funemployment period...
I do SO much better with a routine.
I need structure
and rules
and lists
and emails
and meetings
{I am bad at thrifty living}
and office supplies.
Especially office supplies.
I heart pens and post its.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow.

This shall be my motto,
but I will not wear my hair like CoCo O'Brien.
Don't you worry.


Jenn said...

Good luck! I am just about to start my "funemployment", but I have a feeling I will miss the same things as you did.

Julie Kiefer said...

Go Tay, Go!!! I am so happy for you to start your new adventure! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck indeed!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

sandy b said...


Corie said...

Paychecks are always a good thing. But overall, work is pretty overrated. Hope your job is kicking serious butt and that you LOVE it most importantly!

Bridge said...

Sooo since this whole "I'm way into blogs" obsession started, that is basically all I've been doing: readin' blogs. And I just thought about writing one about funemployment! Inspiration!

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