Feb 23, 2010


My friend Tony 
 (who has a fun blog about the car-free life) 
asked me (on Formspring) what I would 
come back as in another life. 

My answer: 

A mermaid.

Or an Axolotl.

What about you? 
What would you come back as?

**mermaid photo from WEHEARTIT


BCassFam said...

A dog.

Anonymous said...

ohmygoodness that Axolotl is super cute I can't even stand it, if you come back as one of those please live at our house. We will take good care of you. I'll make a pond and everything. ohewww, i just want to hold it and love and keep it for my very own. youwould be spoiled sweet! xoxo *winter

Ryan G said...

1.) a bulldog
2.) Spider-Man

both seem like pretty sweet choices.

Sandy B. said...

i would come back as the softest blanket ever on a soft soft couch in the sunny house of a family with blond children. my job as the very soft blanket would be keep the people toasty warm and snug. my specialty would be keeping the little ones schnoogy.

Phoenix said...

My spoiled cat.

Or a dolphin in tropical waters.

Tough call...

Neyleen said...

I think I might already be a mermaid. Or so I picture myself. I love being a mermaid.

Julie Kiefer said...

Ew, that axolytl thing is officially the creepiest thing I have ever seen. If you don't come back as a mermaid, I don't know if we can be friends. Just sayin'

Unknown said...

Rock star or super hero. Ironically, I loved Janet Jackson and Wonder Woman as a kid. I know, I'm a guy.

African Kelli said...

A redwood in a protected forest.

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