Mar 24, 2010


lately i've been feeling like coffee
doesn't work for me anymore. 

i still love it and drink it, 
but i'm still dragging. 

should I switch to crack? 

*photo courtesy of we heart it


SM said...

if you switch to crack i will be there for your intervention. i will make sure that we get to be on that intervention tv show. then when you are clean we will take advantage of our 15 minutes of fame and have a reality show. i think this crack idea may not be too bad. i could get used to hanging with JT in hollywood and being followed by the paparazzi. it won’t be glamorous at first but i think there may be benefits. 

Alicia said...

oh honey, crack is the way to go. and you have to pee way less. i think its a great idea!

Corie said...

I sometimes feel the same way! I gave up all caffeine for 2 years to nurse and while prego, and now I only drink it occasionally! It doesnt help much though!

Julie Kiefer said...

Steph, you are funny. But I stand by the aliteration: Crack is wack.

I agree about the coffee though. In grad school it was like my daily vitamin to get me through long nights of it stopped working.

I gave it up this summer and now an occasional ice tea makes me feel like I am high so I had to stop that too. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Here's the steps I follow. I'd make you a flow chart, but I lack the tools right now.

1.) Apply coffee to mouth (careful not to burn)
2.) Check for result
3.) Repeat Step 1 as needed
4.) Stop loop when face begins to tingle
5.) If still no result after a reasonable number of repeats, switch to Redbull (vodka optional)

Phoenix said...

Maybe if you just sprinkle a little bit of crack into your coffee it's not that bad...

Unknown said...

You guys, c'mon. Crack is so 2007. All the cool kids are doing Adderall. So I hear...

Anywho, Tay, I think I know the solution. Can you meet me for coffee this week?

Sandy B. said...

oh my goodness, your friends have such nice ideas.

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