Mar 25, 2010

two quick tips

#1 don't tell people that they, 
'look as tired as you feel.'

#2 don't tell people that the way
they remember your name is by thinking, 
'you have a man's name and 
you are tall like a man.'

just keep those thoughts to yourself. 

or something bad could happen. 

like this.
 Just sayin'


Corie said...

If it makes you feel better, I too have a "boy" name and am tall. Some people have some nerve. BTW, i call those people the "haters". Haha!:)

Phoenix said...


Robert & Vanessa DiCarlo said...

How rude! Some people...grrrr.

Unknown said...

Is someone talkin' sh*t about my HRC life partner? I'll kick their ass...

Unknown said...

Oh no they didn't! That's horrible. Also along the lines of #1, just when someone tells you "you look tired," when you're not. Translation = you look like poo. No good.

Neyleen said...

I like to think that I inspired this post :)

Unknown said...

hmmmm....I wonder where #2 came from?

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