Jul 29, 2010

random thoughts from tay

Do you say to yourself, 'Wed-Nes-Day' every time you type or write Wednesday? I do. I saw that there is a facebook group for people who do that. I did not join it. 

Sometimes, when I am in my arctic cold {I'm not complaining, I love it.} office, I like to put on my sweater, drink hot chocolate and pretend that my coworkers are penguins. 
{don't tell them}

What kind-of-a noise does a penguin make?

Did you read Mr. Popper's Penguins when you were in elementary school? We did. We had a 'Penguin Pal' (5th graders) who read the book to us (2nd graders). My elementary school principal kind of walked like a penguin, but much slower. He had swagger. 


What if I put ice water in the cup? Then the contents will not be hot and you will be a liar. What then, cup? 


I got a new 'copy' stamp today. I have been practicing with it for when I need to make a copy of something. 


Speaking of stamps, while in line at Michael's Arts and Crafts the other day I saw this stamp in the $1 bin. 

I thought to myself, 'OMG! An Australian drinking/sports chant stamp! UHmazeballs.' But then, when I got it home. I realized that it is not an Australian drinking/sports chant stamp, but is.............

a Christmas Santa stamp. I decided not to return the stamp, seeing as it only cost $1.


I have new neighbors. I haven't actually met them, but I have made the following observations;

1) They love fighting and yelling and they don't care what time it is when they fight and yell. 
2) When they fight, he loves locking her out of the house with no phone or purse. 
3) She is really good at banging on the door. She has a way of making it sound like she is banging on your door when really she is downstairs and over one unit. 
4) She does not like his mother very much. 
5) He does not like it when she is, 'disrespecting {his} MOTHERRRRRRRR!!!!' 
6) She is really good at giving dirty looks while being questioned by the police {lady, I was just trying to get to work}.

Yes, the police were called to my condo building at 7:15 this morning. It's a classy joint. I'm so glad I purchased a HOME {you know, that thing where you live peacefully and is the biggest investment of your life?} there.


Yesterday I felt like Liz Lemon and today I feel like Tracy Flick.


If all of my blog friends, facebook friends and twitter friends sent me $1 per week I would not need to work anymore.


Sikhs carry a comb and small sword with them at all times. I wonder if they are allowed to share? Like, if I were having a really bad hair day and I didn't have a comb if I could borrow theirs? 


That is all. Love ya, mean it.


Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

I love everything about this post.
The lack of workplace productivity, the Lemon/Flick references, the disrespecting of motherrrrrrs. Love it.

Natron602 said...

Best blog ever. Seriously. EVER.

Tony said...

My dollar is in the mail! Or.. we could meet and play an Australian drinking game and I'll give it to you then.

SM said...

i loved everything you wrote, and yes i say Wed-nes-day :) when are we going on our date? i will give you your dollar then.

Sandy B. said...

my goodness you expressed so many nice thoughts today. i love the way your brain works. kinda of like a beautiful fireworks display. pkiew, pkiew, pkiew. that is the noise that your brain works when you are having thoughts. your beautiful brain inside of your beautiful head covered by your BEAUTIFUL hair with beautiful blue shiny eyes providing the window to your ever so perfectly beautiful soul. love, ymd

jess said...

this is one of my favorite posts from any blog ever.


jess said...

and i'm sorry about your neighbors.

Anonymous said...

i almost spit my cereal out at your coffee cup liar, and jon giggled at your new copy stamp art. we have a lot of sikhs that live around here i'll ask about the comb! I'll send youa dollar with your cape sometime Love you silly girl!

Unknown said...

My check is in the mail -- you gonna be riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiich! ILU bee

Bneato said...

haha. when i write/type wednesday, in my head it goes wed nes day:)

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