Jul 27, 2010


May I please tell you how much I HATE the show What Would You Do? 

Of course I can. It's my blog. 

I HATE the show What Would You Do. 

Reason 1- When they advertise the show I think they're talking about the Nickelodeon What Would You Do and I get all excited thinking it's back on the air. Now that, was a good show. I miss seeing Marc Summers and his trusty sidekick, Robin, on a daily basis. We need more Double Dare and WWYD on television. 

Reason 2- I think it's a really messed up concept that unnecessarily puts people into unrealistic and stressful situations. 

That is all.

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Phoenix said...

I don't even know what What Would You Do is about - is that the one about phobias?

But I totally miss Marc Summers too.

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