Nov 23, 2011



I have developed a major addiction to

Have you joined this site? They have so much fun stuff! And, it is so reasonably priced.  I wake up every morning so excited to check my iPhone app for the new fun things they're featuring that day.

The boxes above are just the shipments I've received this week. It's getting out of control. It's a good thing I am homeless. Otherwise, I would have no money for rent, food or clothes. I would just be surrounded by fun stuff from

I've done the majority of my holiday shopping using their site. They have a 100 gifts for under $100 portion of their site right now that has so many great finds!

My brother is such a difficult person to shop for and I have a plethora of gifts for him. So many that I'm giving some to my mom to give to him.

It's crazy, yo. Click on this link to join and say good bye to all of your disposable income.

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-J said...

I found a local Austin artist on the FAB under $100 area that was sold out... tracked down their website and bought three items directly from the artist. Christmas is gorgeous this year!! :)

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