Nov 20, 2011

Life Update: I am homeless

When the opportunity to work for my mom's restaurant came up I moved from Palm Springs to the coast. I haven't found an apartment yet because;

1) There is talk of opening another restaurant or two in 2012. The possible locations have ranged from Ventura to Dana Point, which is at least a two hour span of Southern California. I'm going to wait until we break ground on our next location to decide on a place to call home because I HATE commuting. When I lived in Arizona I made sure I never had to drive more than 20 minutes in traffic to get to and from work. I'd like to keep it the same here.

2) Apartments at the beach are expensive and I'd like to put off paying rent as long as possible.

For the time being, I'm bouncing between my mom's, my dad and step mom's and my grandma's. When one gets sick of me (usually my dad) I move on to the next.

It's kind of annoying because I like having all of my things in one place, but it is totally worth the trouble for the money I am saving.

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