Jan 3, 2012


Quickly approaching 30, aging is often on my mind. On the day of the Iowa caucuses, I got to thinking about the 2012 presidential race and how fascinated I am with how quickly being the president ages our leaders.

I was perusing President Obama's facebook fan page and did a comparison. 



Wow! What a difference. I wonder what internal impact of such a stressful job might be? 

Check out this interesting slideshow on the Presidents' photos at the beginning and at the end of their terms. 

**photos of our president taken from his facebook page

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Summer said...

umm first of all I didn't know our president had a facebook page.. so props to you for knowing that. Secondly, if you think he has gone gray you should see what teaching middle school for 12 years and having four kids has done to my husband's head. Thirdly, it is a complete fallacy that you are approaching thirty because I am definitely older than you and I am clearly 27.

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