Jan 27, 2012

Tay's Tips for Perfect Steak

You're welcome.

1) Gather your tools.
2) Turn on some great tunes.

3) Select a nicely marbled piece of ribeye from your butcher.
4) Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. Brush with olive oil.
5) Cook in a cast iron skillet. Seriously. Just do it. If you don't have a cast iron skillet, find one at your local thrift store or invest in a new one. So worth it.
6) Heat the cast iron skillet on high for five minutes.
7) Turn the heat to medium high and cook on one side until the juices pool on the top side of the steak (around 4 minutes for medium rare).
8) Turn the steak and cook on the other side for three to four minutes (for medium rare).
9) Remove steaks from the skillet and allow to sit for five minutes. Don't be freaked out if you cut into the steak as soon as its done and it looks to rare. The steak will continue to cook while it sits.
10) Pair with vegetables with both strong texture and flavor. I generally go with sauteed mushroom, onion and asparagus.

11) Enjoy your finished product with a hearty red that may or may not describe the current mood you're in.

Oh, snap.


thatjordangirl said...

Yeah I'm officially inviting myself to your house to make me steak everyday for the rest of my (short, if I eat that much steak) life. Yep.

PS did you get my email?


Julie Kiefer said...

thanks for making my mouth water on a Monday AM. I miss your steak...remember eating it for breakfast when that Nazi trainer put you on that strangely carnivorous diet?? Carnivorous, good word.


Taylor K said...

Jordan- Come on over! Would love to have you for some steak. :)

Jules- YES! That trainer was the worst. He sure loved his meat. And I agree, carnivorous is a great word.

Kasey said...

Sounds like we're totally on the same page. Steak requires great tunes fo sho. Also, love reading everyone's Alt recaps. I had such a great time at the conference!

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