Feb 21, 2012

Well, hello.

So I'm having a hard time deciding the direction of this little blog of mine.

I've been doing a little more photography on the weekends and I can't decide if this should become a blog that incorporates that, or if I should launch a photography website/blog? I struggle with the thought of starting a photography site because I just don't feel like my photos are there yet. I find myself reading this at least once a week but it still doesn't help the fact that when I put work out there, I want it to be perfect. But what is perfect?

What are your thoughts. Should this blog stay about me and my life, or should it become more official and business like? I hate the thought of that. I know there's a good way to incorporate the two. After all, the very title of this blog says that it will be ME in TOTAL.

While I figure out where Totally-Tay is going, here are some photos for you to enjoy from this weekend.

Because no matter what, there will always be room for cute kids on my blog.

Thanks for listening and for looking at my amateur photos.

Your feedback is always appreciated.


Neyleen said...

Love the pics! You are so talented. Maybe add your photos but keep it less professional, more playful. You can always have a professional site for the real deal pics. Keep this site fun and creative :)

Julie Kiefer said...

I say keep it playful like you...and incorporate both together. Similar to Kelle Hampton?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jules!

Summer said...

Tay-Your photos are awesome. I love reading your blog because the commentary makes me giggle, the recipes make me wish I was more homemaker and the wine references cement my decision to give up temperance. Your links and suggestions are always great it's funny, artsy, creative, inspiring... it is all the little parts of you. So until you have a portfolio you want to separate.. share away.. I can admire some cutesy babies better than most!

Allison said...

I'm in the same boat. I think you can incorporate both.

Anne said...

One idea is to set up a loose schedule where you post photo-related material on Mondays & Wednesdays, or whichever days, leaving the rest of your posts open to whatever's on your mind at the moment. It adds some structure and photo focus, so your readers know what to expect, without restraining your personality or leading you down the winding maintaining-two-blogs path.

Anne said...

One more thing - Kathleen of Braid & J&K recently wrote about this and has some great advice. Check out http://www.braidcreative.com/blog/2012/01/how-pepper-business-your-personal-blog

Phoenix said...

Those are the most adorable photos! I love both of them, but my favorite is the first one. That expression on that little baby girl is priceless.

I would say incorporate your photography into this blog, instead of making it formal or business-like or creating a whole new one. You have so many creative aspects to your personality - why try to separate your blog into different categories when life (and your personality) just isn't like that? I love the idea of you bringing more of your creativity to this blog. Forget business-like! I love the personal anecdotes, photography, and such.

And that Ira Glass quote is so good and so true. Just get through the hard part of critiquing your own work and you'll do great :)

BCassFam said...

I agree with Jules.

julie said...

I suggest you do a website for your photography and include your blog as a navigation directly on it. My husband and I are artists and I created a website for us, which is also home to two of my blogs;one about the work we do,Http://www.mikedumascopperdesigns.com/blog and one about my home and lifestyle.(thebusinessofhome.com)
check it out and see if it fits your direction.

Cameron said...

I think you should leave it open for both....and when you make the leap to being professional...then you can have a professional website as well :)

These pics are just adorable!

And Kathleen said...

I vote both! Keep it personal but be sure to tell us how we can support your business too.

P.S. I'm might be in your neck of the woods mid-March. I would love to grab a coffee and catch up!

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