Feb 28, 2012

Four Generations

This weekend, my step mom asked me to take a four generations photo.

I happily said yes and spent the weekend thinking of my great grandmother. She was alive for my first twenty years. I feel so luck to have spent so much time with her.

I hope that Stella has the same great memories of her great grandmother!


Julie Kiefer said...

Aw,LOVE the hands picture...makes me miss my Mema :)

Summer said...

Taylor that photo is perfection. I have so many "pictures" and so few of those really sentimental moving photos. It will be such a blessing to have that precious moment as those tiny hands grow.

Cameron said...

Aw...those hands together is a perfect photo....would look stunning framed...and be so special to see everyday :)

katie beth said...

this is so sweet! my grandmother is turning 90 in a few months, and i am finally getting married in may... hope i am able to take a four generations photo in the next couple of years!


Anne said...

So sweet. My nan just turned 93 and the newest addition should be here in May. I love the hands idea - just might have to steal it this spring!

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