May 14, 2010


I’m not feeling witty or funny or creative or pretty or together or happy or hopeful.
I’ve been feeling blah.
Desk doodling didn’t even help. 

I just wrote what I was feeling and now I will have to look at that for the rest of the month.
I feel like sticking my tongue out at life.

I stumbled across Naomi’s post about improving your mood and it put me in a WORSE mood because my favorite persons are in Oakhurst, Panama, Southern California and Hawaii. I can’t even hang out with them because I chose to live in silly Phoenix. And the food she (Naomi) ate would probably make me itchy because I’m allergic to everything and everything has been giving me tummy aches. I just want to crawl in bed for the entire weekend.
And I am tired of dealing with ugly people at work. Not the people I work with, they are LOVELY and make working here very nice, but the people we have to speak to are sometimes not so pleasant.
Reading blogs usually takes me OUT of my funks because it forces me to focus on the little things that are positive and beautiful but lately it has just been making me look at my life and wonder why I don’t have a baby/husband/cuter clothes/awesome vacations/bigger house/better body/better job.
Then I decided I should have a snack. Sometimes I forget to eat and then I get really anxious and blue and then I realize it is because I haven’t fed myself in 30 hours. Adult fail. So I grabbed a bunch of grapes, ate a few, then saw one that had mold on it and had to throw the rest away. Why do I do that? Why can’t I just pick off the one moldy grape and eat the rest? I am fairly certain this is what normal people do with grapes, yes?
And I want a new blog layout but messing with code is more than I can bear at the moment.
I am sure I will snap out of it soon, I have a Katie Sokoler inspired plan to cheer myself up. But for now, all I have to say is 

ps. thanks to summer and steph for missing my posts.  :) 


Summer said...

Tay.. I feel your blah and admire your honesty and witty nature of expressing said BLAh. I giggled when I read about your virtual blog envy, because I with my gaggle of children read about these put together moms who make cake from scratch and sew up designer dresses in under thirty minutes all while wearing stylish clothes maintaining spotless houses and probably without even raising their voices, and i think.. what's wrong with me?
I also throw out all of something that has mold on it. Because I don't want to make that mistake twice.
I'm sorry you are frustrated, but I'm glad your back.. because I missed you and your single girl life!

Anonymous said...

TayTay! Ilove you, lots of life is blah, you just have to that blah and make blah-menade. That doesn't sound as catchy as lemon would but you get it. luvs have fun, your doing great.xo

Phoenix said...

:( Feeling any better, girl?

Sandy B. said...

i love you when you are blah. i agree with winter madness autumn shaw that sometimes you just haVe to add a little vodka to your blah and make blahmenade. or.. just throw your hands up in the air and say (in your best annie voice) the sun will come out tomorrow. i love your life, body, relationship status, house, and all that you are this very minute. ps i misssed your blogs too.

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